February 2, 2023

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Corona Ticker: Traffic light peaks advise Merkel on corona situation

4.35 pm: Overload in Clinics – Cloverleaf Conference implemented

Govt has implemented a so-called Cloverleaf Conference, a strategic steering committee of the central and state governments, to ensure that 19 patients continue to receive intensive care despite complications in some regions. The decision was made on Monday evening, Herman Schrder, chairman of the working committee of the Interior Ministers Conference on Fire, Rescue, Disaster Control and Civil Defense, said at the request on Tuesday.

The purpose of this conference, which is served daily or once every two days, is to facilitate the exchange of patients across the country. The aim is to find free places and suitable means of transportation. “We have to assume that there will be transfers beyond a clover leaf,” said Schrder of the German newspaper Company.

Under the impression of the first corona wave, the federal and state governments came up with an idea to move patients across the country in the spring of 2020. In September last year, the so-called Cloverleaf Concept was decided by the Ministers of Home Affairs and Health. It provides for early installation within the five areas of West, North, East, South and Southwest. If there are no vacancies in these regions, relocation will be arranged in exchange for the Joint Report of the Federal and State Governments at the Federal Office for Civil Defense and Disaster Relief (BBK) and the Center for Situation. The special committee of the Robert Koch Institute provides advice.

For example, the North and Hess currently have free capacity. Thuringia together with Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Berlin form a “clover leaf”. Along with Saxony and Thuringia, the two federal states with the highest number of corona cases belong to the Eastern Clover Leaf. Bavaria, an independent state currently heavily affected by the corona, produces southern clover leaves.

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