December 10, 2022

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Corona: US lifts travel ban on vaccinated persons from EU from early November

Neighboring countries Corona

The United States lifts the travel ban on vaccinated people from the European Union from November

“Businesses rage against travel restrictions”

Vaccinated travelers from the Schengen area will soon be able to re-enter the United States. Our American correspondent Stephen Schwarzkopf explains when the relaxation will take effect.

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The White House Corona coordinator has vowed to lift entry restrictions on vaccinated people from the European Union and Great Britain from early November. They were imposed in 2020 by Donald Trump and acquired by Joe Biden.

D.The United States will lift entry restrictions for people who have been vaccinated against the corona virus for at least a month. The easing should take effect in November, White House Corona virus coordinator Jeffrey Giants announced Monday. Several media outlets had previously reported that people vaccinated from the European Union and Great Britain could soon return to the United States. This announcement also refers to other countries where entry has been severely banned recently.

An extensive entry ban was imposed by then-US President Donald Trump at the beginning of the corona epidemic in early 2020 and has so far been maintained by his successor Joe Biden. From the travel industry, among other things, at least for passengers who have been vaccinated against the corona virus, a relaxation has long been called for.

Previous travel restrictions state that only U.S. citizens and green card holders and their family members will be allowed to enter the United States if they have been in the EU or Great Britain for the past 14 days. Everyone else needs special permission.

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The EU has already asked member states over the summer to gradually lift restrictions on travelers from the United States and several other countries. Germany later allowed entry from the United States, among other things, “for all permitted purposes of residence, including tourism”.

However, the US government tightened controls in July, citing a highly contagious delta variation. In late August, the European Union again recommended stricter entry rules for those coming from the United States. During this time, however, Germany classified the United States as a high-risk area, with restrictions on people who had not been vaccinated or who had not recovered.

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