December 5, 2022

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Corona virus in Great Britain: The Indian variant continues to progress

Status: 05/17/2021 8:01 p.m.

According to official data, the Indian variant of the corona virus is growing in the UK. Nevertheless, the government has now taken a major step to return to normalcy.

From Christophe Press,
ARD-Studio London

More than 2,300 cases of the Indian corona virus variant have been confirmed across the country, according to British Health Minister Matt Hancock of the House of Commons. That’s 1000 more than on May 12th. The northwestern English cities of Bolton and Blackburn are particularly affected: Hancock said 27 people affected by the Indian variant will be treated in clinics. However, these individuals have not been vaccinated – despite being invited to do so.

Christoph Brussel
ARD-Studio London

Confidence in the effectiveness of vaccines with variation

Over the weekend, the NHS health service, with additional staff, vaccinated thousands in the area – including young people. The British government considers the vaccines to work with the Indian variant. Studies on this are not yet available, but early signs indicate this.

Hancock reiterated that the Indian variant is significantly more contagious than other mutations, for example, the Kent variant, which has so far existed in Great Britain.

Cinemas and indoor restaurants are reopening

Despite the epidemics with the Indian variant, the British government today allowed for further easing. Among other things, cinemas are reopening and indoor catering is allowed again.

It remains to be seen whether all corona operations will be removed by June 21 as planned.

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