February 1, 2023

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Corona virus / Israel: Children and vaccinated people are affected by delta variation

The delta variant is spreading in Israel. Those who are vaccinated are most likely to be affected.

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Vaccine world champion Israel Delta struggles with diversity. Children and especially those who have been vaccinated are in new corona cases. Security measures are reintroduced.

Tel Aviv / Munich – Israel knew it Corona virus-The crisis is almost over: Gradually, the country returned to normalcy, and on June 15, there was no need to even wear masks at home. Now the setback: the delta variant of the corona virus means that safety measures must be taken again.

On Monday, Israel recorded more than 100 new infections within 24 hours for the first time since April. Infections continued to increase during the week. 227 new corona virus cases were reported in the country on Thursday. According to official data, most of them are associated with delta variation.

Corona virus in Israel: Tightening security measures – mask requirement reintroduced

In response to the increasing number of cases, Israel is The mask is needed Re-introduced in indoor public spaces. People with disabilities, athletes and children under the age of seven are exempt from this regulation. The Ministry of Health now recommends wearing masks for large outdoor gatherings such as the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv on Friday.

On Wednesday (June 23), Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett warned that the return of the mask was necessary. Concerned about the further spread of the highly contagious delta variant, Israel also announced that it was postponing the opening of the country to tourists. “Our primary goal now is to protect the Israelis from the delta diversity that is raging around the world,” Bennett said. On Tuesday (June 22) he instructed to re-establish the so-called Corona cabinet.

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Also, vaccinated or active individuals should be isolated if they are in contact with a person who will be dealing with a “dangerous variant” in the future. Corona virus Infected. The government has also decided to expand the test capacity for passengers at the airport.

“Delta variant is a game changer”: Vaccinated people and children are most likely to be affected

When looking at Israel’s progress, it is particularly worrying that there are many young people and people who have been vaccinated among the new victims. How focus.de According to the Ministry of Health, local corona eruptions have been reported in about 30 schools in the center of the country. More than 6,000 students and 100 teachers were asked to isolate themselves.

According to relevant media reports, former Director of the Israeli Ministry of Health Kafi Barbash said: “The Delta variant is a game changer. It also affects unaffected children and vaccinated adults. “Due to the infectious condition, the Ministry of Health is now increasingly recommending vaccination for children between the ages of 12 and 15. Initially, this will only apply to high-risk patients and overseas trips.

Of the nine million people living in the country, more than 5.5 million have already received the first corona vaccine, and about 5.2 million have received the second dose. This is due to the large-scale vaccination campaign that began in late December, made possible by a data transfer agreement with vaccine manufacturer Biotech / Pfizer.

Corona virus: How dangerous is the delta variant?

In addition to Israel, the delta variant is strongly spread across Great Britain. There, mutation is responsible for more than 95 percent of new infections. According to early findings from the English Health Authority, delta is not only highly contagious, but can lead to more severe Govt-19 diseases than the previously dominated alpha variant.

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Data from the UK and Scotland suggested the risk of hospital admission. Public Health UK announced this in June. However, according to current knowledge, even in the Delta, fully vaccinated people are well protected from the severe course of Govt-19. Based on these findings, the risks to those who have been vaccinated should be managed, even if they are increasingly affected by the delta in Israel.

At a press conference with RKI boss Lothar Weiler and Health Minister Jens Spawn, the Delta variant dominated. (mbr)