February 1, 2023

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Corona virus live ticker: +++ 01:01 Amazon extends home office rule until next year +++

Corona virus-livedicker
+++ 01:01 Amazon extends home office rule until next year +++

Due to the corona epidemic, Amazon is extending the opportunity for its office workers to work from home until January 2022. According to the committee, employees will not have to return to the office for the first time since September 7, but on January 3. This applies to the United States and other countries, but they are not named. Anyone who comes to the office, except those who are fully vaccinated, should wear a face mask.

+++ 00:10 Octo +++ Stico wants to decide to vaccinate pregnant women by the end
The Standards Vaccine Commission (STIKO) wants to decide by the end of this month whether to recommend the corona vaccine for pregnant women. “STIKO is currently working systematically on data available for the Govit-19 vaccine during pregnancy,” Stico’s gynecologist Marianne Roble-Mathieu told Germany’s editorial network. The focus is on the safety and efficacy of vaccines and knowledge of corona diseases during pregnancy. These features will then be subjected to a risk-benefit assessment. “Results are expected from the end of August. Professional associations have made it a priority for pregnant and lactating women to be vaccinated against Govt-19.

+++ 23:20 NovaVox postpones vaccine approval application +++
US biotech company Novavox is once again postponing its US application to approve a corona vaccine. The company announced that the application for emergency approval will now be submitted in the fourth quarter. The third quarter was intended first. Despite conclusive medical data, NovaVox has repeatedly postponed regulatory filing and rescheduling. The reason was the difficulty in obtaining the raw materials and equipment for the preparation of the vaccine.

+++ 22:28 Italy tightened the +++ rules on teachers and trains
In the future, teachers, lecturers and students at universities in Italy will be vaccinated, tested or recovered from corona disease. From the new school year in September, they will have to submit relevant evidence for classroom teaching, says Health Minister Roberto Speranza. In addition, the “Green Pass”, under which various certificates are abbreviated, is valid from September on long-distance trains and buses, boats and planes.

+++ 22:00 Amazon has postponed a return to offices due to a new wave until January +++
Due to the rapid increase in new epidemics in the United States, the internet company Amazon is postponing the planned return of its employees to offices until January. Instead of September 7, January 3, 2022, as the company explains, this is the date when employees usually start coming to the office. This also applies to other countries scheduled to return in September. Amazon, meanwhile, said employees who come to the office still need to wear a mask or prove a full corona vaccine.

+++ 21:35 UN is concerned about unused vaccines +++
The United Nations is concerned about unused vaccines. UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric explains that vaccines can help countries where they are slowly being injected – for example in the fight against transport, cold chain or vaccine suspicion. However, the UN can only act if the respective governments ask for help. Sovereign governments had a moral obligation to vaccinate the people as soon as they were vaccinated.

+++ 20:56 3499 new cases in federal states +++
The number of corona virus infections reported in Germany has risen to 3,782,208. As can be seen from the information of the state authorities assessed by Ntv.de, 3499 new cases have been added. This corresponds to an increase of 21.2 percent. The death toll from the infection rose 17 to 91,728. About 30,048 people are currently affected.

The infection rate (7-day R value) is given by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 1.11 (previous day: x, 1.03). According to the DIVI record, 387 Govit-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany, 206 of whom are ventilated. About 4522 intensive care beds are currently still available in German clinics.

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