December 5, 2022

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Corona Virus Live Ticker: +++ 01:14 US Pharmaceutical Company Recommends Emergency Permission for Corona Tablets from Merck +++

Corona virus-livedicker
+++ 01:14 American Pharmaceutical Company Recommends Emergency Permission for Merona to Corona Tablets +++

An advisory panel to the US FDA has recommended emergency approval for the drug Merkin Corona, an American pharmaceutical company. After several hours of debate, a narrow majority of committee members spoke in support. The results of the referendum are not binding on the FDA, but generally follow the adviser’s assessment. The FDA’s emergency approval can now be followed within a few days. A few weeks ago, Merck announced that, according to a clinical study, medication administered as a pill reduced the risk of more serious illness by 30 percent in high-risk patients.

+++ 00:35 Sahin predicts a tough “four, five months” +++
According to Biontech boss Ugur Sahin, people in Germany are still having a “tough four or five months” because of the fourth wave of infections. It is now important to be patient, adhere to corona code of conduct and get vaccinated or encouraged. Then the situation will relax significantly in the spring. “No one should lose their nerves because of Omigran, and now it’s one thing to give everyone booster vaccines quickly,” Sahin told the Wall Street Journal. Omigran can lead to more infections, but Sahin was confident that the corona vaccine would protect against the progression of serious diseases in Omigran and the following other viruses.

+++ 23:58 Trade in counterfeit digital vaccination certificates is on the rise across the EU +++
Internet forums in EU countries are currently trading for fake Govt certificates, which can then be used to obtain QR codes for digital proof of vaccination. Cross-border surveys are seldom carried out, according to the ARD magazine “Report Munich”. Counterfeits are not recognized as trustworthy by German test applications or applications from other EU countries. According to research, fraudsters gain access to organizations through partners in pharmacies and provide QR codes to order. These are usually read without any problems in the German corona warning application and CovPass application. According to the ARD, the problem of over-use of digital vaccine records has not yet been resolved, according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

+++ 23:11 Scholz: 2G will definitely come in retail +++
Federal and state governments will strictly adopt the 2G rule in retail on Thursday, according to President-elect Olaf Scholes. “It will definitely have an effect. The consensus was very clear,” the SPD politician at the ZDF told a previously agreed-upon prime ministerial conference. Shopping in stores for “everyday needs” is no exception.

+++ 22:26 Schwesig: Vaccine requirements never come around +++
Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian Prime Minister Manuela Svezik supports President-elect Olaf Scholes’ plans for compulsory vaccination in Germany. The SPD politician said after a cabinet meeting in Swerin that “the general compulsory vaccine is not coming around at all.” He had previously attended a federal-state conference on the corona situation, in which the issue of compulsory vaccination was also discussed. Despite intense publicity, the hope that enough people would voluntarily opt for the corona vaccine was not fulfilled. Its effects can now be seen in the fourth wave of infections, which is very high. “Many of those who have been vaccinated are now encouraged and able to follow the rules, and they are utterly frustrated,” Shwesik explained.

A clear signal.

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+++ 22:05 Clinic in Rosenheim sends “cry for help” in red +++
Staff at the Bavarian Clinic in Rosenheim have sent out a call for help in red: Nurses at two intensive care units at the Romet Clinic in Rosenheim have changed the LED lights to red this evening – a few days later. Early evening. The RoMed Clinic announced that the LED light strips in the patient rooms of the intensive care units, which can be set individually in different colors, are actually designed for therapeutic support and room design. Due to the tense and tense situation prevailing in the clinics, the intensive care unit wants to be a role model, so set up evening alarm colored lights in all the rooms. “This is a call for help from the outside. Clinics are at their full range and we urgently need the support of nursing staff and paramedics,” said Max van Holben, the clinic’s commercial director.

+++ 21:41 FDP stands behind Scholz’s proposals “+ excluded” +++
The FDP stands behind the proposals of Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholes, who has been appointed for further study on the corona epidemic. “In today’s round Olaf Scholz’s proposals were definitely integrated with the FDP. They see our unreserved support,” the party said that evening. He added: “We jointly recommend that you use existing options to control contacts. At the same time, we want to avoid blanket and nationwide locks.” Earlier in the day, Scholes discussed with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of state of the federal states how to proceed.

+++ 21:22 WHO advises against traveling for the elderly +++
In light of the current corona situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked all high-risk patients and the elderly to refrain from traveling at this time. The WHO in Geneva says people over the age of 60 and those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or cancer should avoid traveling at this time. Common travel bans imposed by many countries were viewed critically by the WHO. These restrictions could not “prevent” the spread of the currently widespread omigran variant of the corona virus. In addition, they may have a negative impact on the future willingness of states to pass on important health data in newly emerging variants.

+++ 20:57 Scotland reports three new Omigron cases +++
Three new Omicron cases have been confirmed in Scotland. According to Sky News, the broadcaster. A total of 14 cases have been reported across Great Britain, in which people have been affected by the new corona variant.

+++ 20:37 Tension clinic situation: Berlin intensive care physicians advise against extreme sports +++
Berliner from an unpublished appeal “Daily glass“Quote, warn leading intensive care physicians in the capital of supply shortfalls. Accordingly, treatments in the intensive care units” can not be maintained for the long term “if the number of Govt-19 patients continues to rise”. Jர்க்rg Weimann, chief physician of Berlin’s intensive care unit, added: “We advise you to be especially careful over the next few weeks, for example, engaging in extreme sports, avoiding dangerous drug use, and being extremely vigilant while driving.

+++ 20:19 Leipzig OB calls for tougher locks on Saxony, Thuringia and Bavaria +++
Lord Mayor of Leipzig Burkard Jung speaks in support of severe locking in Saxony, Duringia, Bavaria and neighboring areas. “No events, no retail – no groceries except for everyday items,” the SPD politician told Leipziger Volkszeitung in an interview. At the beginning of the new year public and economic life should be kept to a minimum and contacts should be drastically reduced to break the chains of infection. Jung also argued for the isolation of vaccinated relatives of those who tested positive. This does not happen due to a “system error”. The partial lockout that has been in place in Saxony since the beginning of last week has already had an effect, Jung said. Initial estimates of operational profiles show a 40 to 50 percent reduction in population mobility. However, measures are not enough to significantly reduce the high number of infections in the independent state.

+++ 19:38 Federal States report 53,675 new infections +++
The number of people infected with the corona virus in Germany has risen to 5,861,485. As can be seen from the information of state officials estimated by, 53,675 new cases were added. That means 214 new infections in a week. The number of deaths related to the infection increased from 397 (previous week: 337) to 101,454. Currently 842,114 people are affected.

The infection rate (seven-day R-value) is given by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 0.9 (previous day: 0.93). According to the DIVI Intensive Register, there are currently 4636 people in Germany Covit-19 patients are being treated in intensive care, 2383 of whom are infiltrative ventilators. About 3121 Intensive care beds are currently available in German clinics.

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