February 1, 2023

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Corona virus live ticker: +++ 04:31 NRW examines extension of temporary staff program for health officers +++

Corona virus-livedicker
+++ 04:31 NRW explores extension of temporary staff program for health officers +++

Due to the growing burden on health officials, the state government of the North Rhine-Westphalia is considering making additional funding available to municipalities: CDU) spokesman said. In November 2020, the government provided about 37 million euros to employ 800 temporary workers across the country. The project is actually only at the end of September.

+++ 3:29 Green Pass in Italy is now +++ mandatory on long distance routes
From today, strict corona rules will apply in Italy. Anyone traveling on long-distance bus or train on high-speed and intercity trains needs proof that they have been vaccinated against Govt-19, tested negative or have recovered. This source is also known as the Green Pass in Italy. According to Trenitalia, employees are required to check certificates at stations or on trains. In Germany, there is still controversy over the potential obligations to provide corona safety evidence on long-distance trains. In Italy, the Green Pass is now mandatory for passengers on domestic flights. Anyone traveling by boat between two Italian areas e.g. This proof is needed from Lazio to Sardinia.

+++ 2:37 Lambrecht: Employer’s right to information about vaccination status only in exceptional cases +++
Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht considers employer’s right to information about employees’ vaccination status to be justified only in exceptional cases. “Employee health data is particularly sensitive, including the question of the corona virus vaccine,” the SPD politician told the Funk Media Group’s newspapers. Therefore the right of employers to obtain information is in some cases “a special risk level”.

+++ 01:42 Deutsche Bank wants to expand compulsory vaccination at US headquarters +++
According to a media report, Deutsche Bank plans to expand compulsory vaccination at US headquarters in New York. This restriction must now apply to employees, suppliers and customers throughout the office premises, citing someone familiar with the media company Bloomberg. So far, vaccinations have only been required for employees whose lender accesses U.S. business sites.

+++ 00:39 Cuba plans to reopen schools after vaccinating all children +++
The Cuban government does not want to open schools in the country until every child is vaccinated against the corona virus. Education Minister Ena Elsa Velasquez has announced that the new school year will begin with distance education next Monday. The government has also decided on a three-phase schedule for vaccinating students. Cuba is currently conducting clinical trials in children with the Abdala and Soperana vaccines. The aim is to vaccinate children from the age of three against the corona virus.

+++ 00:03 Health insurance doctors seek stico recommendation for booster vaccine +++
The National Association of Legal Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) is seeking the recommendation of the Standards Immunization Commission (STIKO) to increase immunizations against the corona virus. “Stico has the data to make a recommendation for a third vaccine for specific groups,” KPV chairman Andreas Casson told reporters at the Funk Media Group. It is one thing to protect those at high risk of disease with the third dose first.

+++ 23:24 Slovakia completes vaccinations with Russian Sputnik V +++

Slovakia officially stops using the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V. The last six people received the vector vaccine today, according to the Ministry of Health in Bratislava. After Hungary, Slovakia is the second EU country to use Sputnik as part of its European vaccination campaign. The vaccine is not approved by the European Union (EMA). A spokesman for the Slovak Ministry of Health said that a total of more than 18,500 people in Slovakia had been vaccinated against Sputnik. In March, Slovakia acquired the 200,000-dose Sputnik vaccine. This decision caused political controversy in the country. The need for the vaccine was low. In July, Russia recalled 160,000 unused vaccines from Bratislava.

+++ 22:28 Ireland announces further relaxation +++
In Ireland, all remaining corona operations are due to be scrapped on October 22. The prerequisite is that 90 percent of adults are fully vaccinated against the virus and the number of new infections remains stable. According to the RTÉ and the Irish Times, the cabinet of EU member states in Dublin made the decision. However, the need for the mask lies in health facilities and shops and local public transport. Prior to September 6, more participants will be admitted to the event.

+++ 22:02 Google automatically postpones coming to the office until January 10 +++
Search engine company Google plans to return its employees to the office by January 10, as the number of Govt-19 infections continues to rise. The subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. has announced that it wants to give its employees more flexibility in view of the current epidemic. In addition, on October 22 and December 17, employees are given a holiday to “relax and recharge” each.

+++ 21:24 The United States announces the first 14 million vaccines in August +++
About 14 million people in the United States received the first dose of the vaccine in August. This is about four million more than in July, according to presidential office staff. The number of new infections in the United States currently stands at 130,000 a day, down from 12,000 at the end of June. The younger wave is driven by the delta variation.

+++ 20:57 Discussion on the vaccine status question: Altmaier supports employers +++
In a debate over the potential vaccine status question among employees, Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmeyer backed the position of employers. For example, in many places in Germany, Altmeier says, citizens must provide information about their status in order to gain access to restaurants. “For me this information should also be given in the organizational work process, where information about vaccine status is necessary and makes sense to facilitate internal processes.” For this he will work in the Central Government.

+++ 20:28 France targets 18 million third-party vaccines by 2022 +++
According to an employee of the Ministry of Health, France wants to vaccinate about 18 million people for the third time by the beginning of 2022. Of this, 12.4 million booster vaccines are to be given this year. In France, according to official data, 65 percent of the population has been vaccinated. Most recently, 19,425 new infections and 134 new deaths were related to the virus.

+++ 20:10 New Year’s Eve to be held at Brandenburg Cattle +++
At the traditional New Year celebration at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, live visitors can celebrate again after a year-long mandatory corona break. Fireworks are also scheduled again, the organizer announced. How many people can come has not yet been determined and will depend on conditions at the end of the year. With hundreds of thousands of people in normal years, the banquet at Brandenburg Castle is the biggest New Year celebration in Germany. On New Year’s Day 2020, ZDF aired a show without viewers from Brandenburg Gate due to the epidemic.

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