December 5, 2022

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Corona virus live ticker: +++ 05:46 Xian locks 13 million residents for tenth day +++

Corona virus-livedicker
+++ 05:46 Tenth day lockout for 13 million people living in Xian +++

Thirteen million people living in the Chinese city of Xi’an are now locked up for the tenth day. Many of them were not allowed to leave their apartments. Strict measures are aimed at ending the virus outbreak in the city. The city has reported 174 new infections in the last 24 hours. The strategy of the Chinese authorities is aimed at preventing the virus from spreading completely.

+++ 04:07 The event further increases to 220.3 +++
The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) officially reports that the seven-day event nationwide has increased for the third day in a row. RKI gives a value of 220.3 new infections per 100,000 population. For comparison: the previous day’s value was 214.9. One week ago it was 242.9 (previous month: 442.9). RKI assumes that figures are less frequently mentioned because there has been less testing and reporting between years. Health officials in Germany reported 26,392 new corona infections to RKI in a single day. Exactly one week ago there were 22,214 infections.

When explaining the number of cases during the holidays and the beginning of the year, it should be noted that the data are only one. Incomplete picture of the current epidemic situation in Germany Show. The reason is, some federal states (like North Rhine-Westphalia Or Berlin), But regional health officials also sometimes do not update their corona case numbers in whole or in part. In addition, due to the holidays, less testing and reporting activity and limited laboratory skills are expected.

The German vaccination campaign is set to continue in many places. However, it is not clear to what extent this offer will be used during the holidays. Here, too, there may be a delay in reporting. The number of vaccinations actually carried out is included in the official statistics. As a rule, new dates are not published on Sundays and public holidays.

Note: RKI figures generally deviate slightly from case data Daily evening reports. The database directly accesses federal statistics published by local ministries and authorities. RKI, on the other hand, is bound by legally recommended reporting channels, which can lead to delays.

In addition, the respective daily values ​​map the different recording periods: ntv rating is used to collect the country information published in the evening and to calculate the daily status of the reported cases, which are usually published from 8 pm. RKI’s registration system, on the other hand, takes into account incoming reports until midnight, and the current data level will be announced the next morning.

+++ 02:19 Minister Spiegel calls for special care for the elderly in the case of triage results +++
Following the conclusion of the Federal Constitutional Court’s hearing, senior Union Minister Ann Spiegel has called for special legal protection for the very elderly. “As a government and as a community we all have a responsibility to protect those of us who are particularly vulnerable,” the green politician told the Funky Media Group’s newspapers. The decision of the Federal Constitutional Court contributes to the legal protection of all concerned, hence Spiegel. “Of course we hope that the security measures taken and the reduction of contact will prevent the occurrence of such testing situations in Germany. However, we must take precautionary measures.”

+++ 01:04 Police: The crowd disperses at Brandenburg Castle +++
According to Berlin Police, the crowd that had gathered at Brandenburg Gate on New Year’s Day is disbanding again. Police spokesman Thilo Cablitz said “several thousand” people are now scattered under the linden trees. Authorities are asking people to leave the area. Now there are only a few hundred. Suspiciously, many of them would have wanted to celebrate the start of the year at the Brandenburg Gate, says Caplitz.

+++ 00:06 Berlin Police: More people near Brandenburg Gate +++
Berlin police have asked people not to go to the Brandenburg Gate. “Brandenburg Gate is not far away, in the Den Lyndon area, there are currently more people wanting to celebrate #Welcome2022,” police tweeted. “We’m talking to people and telling them to get out. No fireworks this year, no stage show to watch from here.” In the past, the Brandenburg Gate was often the largest party attended by thousands of people. This time ZDF broadcasts a TV show from there – due to the epidemic, however, without viewers.

+++ 23:16 Giffey: Fireworks ban zones in Berlin beyond infection +++
According to Berlin’s ruling mayor Francisco Kifi, fireworks zones contribute to the protection of emergency services. “Beyond the corona epidemic we need to talk about calming down by not allowing fighting in certain areas of the city,” says the SPD politician. Fireworks sales ban and fireworks ban zones came into effect last year. Compared to the previous New Year’s Eve, less than a third of the missions were recorded when there were “war-like conditions” in some places. Giffey expects to be quiet in 2021/22.

+++ 22:01 Head of Laboratory Physicians: Caregivers Affected by Omigran Can Take Care of Govt Patients +++
Andreas Poprovsky, president of the German Association of Laboratory Professionals, calls for consideration of “whether Omigron-sufferers can care for covit-victims in the intensive care unit” in light of the threatened loads on Omigran’s critical infrastructure. That’s what Poprovsky says in the “Built” newspaper. According to the report, he notes so-called job isolation: hospital staff who have been vaccinated and who are sick but not sick should continue to work. “Since the Omigron variant is so mild and has very few symptoms, you can definitely consider this before the whole system collapses.” Poprovsky said the gap between the sick and the asymptomatic should be broadly identified and political guidelines should be developed accordingly. Of course, those who are really sick can not work. But: “The asymptomatic sick person can be expected to take care of other victims who are very seriously ill.”

+++ 21:20 NovaVox postpones US approval application for vaccine +++
Biotech company Novavax plans to submit an emergency application for its vaccine in the United States next month. It postpones the step again: after the first target was set in the third quarter in August, it was said that the application would be submitted in the fourth quarter.

+++ 20:47 Another negative post in France – Macron is optimistic +++
France reports 232,200 new epidemics – another record – more than 200,000 new cases a day for the third day in a row. However, French President Emmanuel Macron calls 2022 the year of the epidemic. “I want to believe it,” he says in his New Year’s speech. However, the hard weeks will be early.

+++ 20:12 Switzerland reduces isolation for non-vaccinated persons +++
In Switzerland, compulsory isolation for non-vaccinated contacts of corona victims will be reduced from ten to seven days. The Swiss Health Commission has issued a letter authorizing cantonal officials to implement the change. In addition, according to the new instruction, those who have been vaccinated and are recovering should also be isolated if they were last vaccinated or recovered four months ago. The Swiss government, the Federal Council, discussed the Corona situation in a special telephone meeting. In a joint statement, seven federal councilors described the condition of the hospitals as “worrying” and “uncertain” over the next few days. But they still wanted to drop “extra action” “for now”.

+++ 19:43 Current data status in Germany: 38,318 new cases reported – R value again 1 +++
The number of people infected with the corona virus in Germany has risen to 7,161,620. As can be seen from the information of state officials estimated by, 38,318 new cases were added. This is an increase of 20.8 percent compared to the previous week (Christmas Eve). However, holiday effects are possible for both values. The death toll from the infection rose 316 to 112,022. Currently 628,000 people are affected.

The infection rate (7-day R value) is given by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 1.04 (previous day: 0.93). That is, for the first time since November 28, the value has risen above 1.0. According to the DIVI Intensive Care Register, 3828 Covid 19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany. This is 86 less than the previous day. Of the victims, 2280 have infiltration ventilation.

The number of registrations has dropped due to the public holiday

Fall event values ​​for Christmas and New Year do not necessarily reflect the actual infection rate. Fewer infections are reported during the holidays for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, fewer people usually go to the doctor, only a few procedures are open, and no testing is performed at schools and daycare centers during the holidays. On the other hand, laboratories and health officials sometimes only work to a limited extent. Conclusion: The Number of reported cases Decreases, the number of unregistered cases is increasing, and the view of the corona situation is temporarily blurred.

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