December 10, 2022

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Corona virus live ticker: +++ 05:52 Esken + 18+ for mandatory vaccination from the age of 18

Corona virus-livedicker
+++ 05:52 Escon +++ for compulsory vaccination from 18 years of age

According to SPD leader Saskia Esken, the compulsory vaccine is common to all adults in Germany. “I think it’s necessary to get vaccinated from the age of 18,” Esken Funke told reporters from the media group. “The corona virus is especially life-threatening in the elderly, but the long-term effects also affect young people.” Anyone who does not get vaccinated commits an administrative offense that should be fined. “Overall, this is about achieving a vaccine quota that protects the community as a whole – especially those who cannot be vaccinated.”

+++ 05:19 From New Year’s Eve, masks are mandatory all over Paris +++
In response to the increasing number of infections, the need for masks is expanding in Paris. From December 31 (6:00 pm) to January 3 (6:00 am), mouth and nose protection, previously required only on public buildings and transportation equipment, will now be worn on the streets, the city administration announced. During this period “drinking in groups in general” is prohibited; Violations will result in a fine of 135 euros. There is a complete ban on alcohol on New Year’s Day, especially around the Seine River and the magnificent Champs-Elysees.

+++ 04:47 The seven-day event increases to 207.4 +++
The number of new infections has increased slightly in the last seven days across the country. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the value is 207.4. The previous day it was 205.5. A week ago its value was 280.3. The RKI added that 42,770 new infections had been reported within 24 hours, citing data from health officials. RKI points out that fewer people have been screened due to the holidays and not all health officials have provided the data. So the actual number may be higher. According to the latest data, 383 deaths have been reported in 24 hours across Germany.

When explaining the number of cases during the holidays and the beginning of the year, it should be noted that the data are only one. Incomplete picture of the current epidemic situation in Germany Show. The reason is, some federal states (like North Rhine-Westphalia Or Berlin) But regional health officials will also temporarily not update their corona case numbers in whole or in part. In addition, due to the holidays, less testing and reporting activity and limited laboratory skills are expected.

The German vaccination campaign is set to continue in many places. However, it is not clear to what extent this offer will be used during the holidays. Here, too, there may be a delay in reporting. The number of vaccinations actually carried out is included in the official statistics. As a rule, new dates are not published on Sundays and public holidays.

Note: RKI figures generally deviate slightly from case data Daily evening reports. The database directly accesses federal statistics published by local ministries and authorities. RKI, on the other hand, is bound by legally recommended reporting channels, which can lead to delays.

In addition, the respective daily values ​​map the different recording periods: ntv rating is used to collect the country information released during the evening and to calculate the daily status of reported cases, which are usually released from 8 pm. RKI’s registration system, on the other hand, takes into account incoming reports until midnight, and the current data level will be announced the next morning.

+++ 03:40 Italy expands health passport requirement +++ ‘
Due to rising infections, the Italian government has announced the extension of the mandatory Corona Health Passport. By law, travelers on trains and planes must prove 2G status in the future. Negative test results are no longer sufficient. In the future, hotels, restaurant terraces, trade fairs and congresses, swimming pools and fitness studios will need 3G proof. The new measures will take effect on January 10.

+++ 02:27 The police stopped the police on the Munika 5000 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
On Wednesday evening, thousands of people tried to protest again in Munich against Corona demands. A total of about 5,000 people took part in the unregistered activities, according to police. Accordingly, groups of dozens of participants were formed in the city center, which were blocked by the police. There were several scuffles between the emergency services and the protesters.

+++ 01:27 Belgium opens cultural institutions +++
In Belgium, theaters, concert halls and other cultural venues are allowed to reopen. This is decided by the Corona cabinet of the Belgian government. The previous day, the state council had issued an urgent application to the cultural staff against the drastic corona measures and initially lifted the closure of the theaters. Now other cultural institutions may reopen from Thursday. A maximum of 200 visitors will be allowed, wearing masks is mandatory, and a vaccination certificate or negative test will usually be submitted.

+++ 00:11 Experts urgently call schools on the Omikron wave for a comment +++
Educators are urgently seeking ideas from politics to run schools in the next corona wave that comes with the Omikron virus variant. Woodo Beckman, president of the Association for Education and Development (VBE), is calling for a short-term meeting of the Education Ministers’ Conference. Beckmann warns in Berlin’s “Texpecial” that the principle of “close your eyes” did not work many times during epidemics: “it ends with great damage, that is, the closure of all schools.”

+++ 22:25 Spain reduces isolation +++
Despite the rising incidence of infections, the Spanish government is reducing the isolation of those tested positive for the corona virus by ten to seven days. Spain must find a balance between public health and economic growth, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez justified the move. Since December 21, Spanish authorities have recommended that fully vaccinated individuals who have been in contact with someone affected by the Omigran variant should no longer be isolated. Conversely, victims should only limit their contact.

+++ 22:05 More infections in Turkey +++
In Turkey, more and more people are testing positive for corona again. For the second day in a row, the number of daily corona infections has exceeded 30,000. According to the Ministry of Health, 36,684 tests were positive. In the last few weeks, there have been 20,000 cases a day. In addition to the Omikron variant, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca cites possible reasons why people are now more likely to be indoors. Turkey tests only approximately for virus variants. According to official data, the Omikron variant has been detected in 42 of 3344 cases since the beginning of December.

+++ 21:35 UK reports more than 10,000 Govt patients +++
The number of Govt patients in English hospitals has exceeded 10,000. According to the British government, 10,462 people will be hospitalized in the UK on Wednesday morning with Govt-19 disease. This is the highest number since March 1. Current statistics are not available throughout the United Kingdom.

+++ 21:05 New Isolation Rules: Bavaria proposes exemption for upliftment +++
In a debate over new isolation rules for those who test positive, Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holtzek exempts individuals who have been vaccinated three times. Aiming at the rapidly expanding Omigron variant, Holetzek told the news website Watson: “We need to be well-prepared now – and set the curriculum with particularly critical infrastructure in mind. , Increased contact persons may be exempted from isolation. “

+++ 20:35 Higher Omigron Density: Events in Hamburg are increasing drastically +++
A month ago, there were fewer seven-day events in only three federal states than in Hamburg. At the end of December the situation was reversed: there are now only two federal states – Brandenburg and Duringia – with higher values. Although the number of reported infections is declining everywhere or at least steady, they are not increasing as strongly anywhere as in the city of Hanseatic. At the end of November, there were 233.7 new infections per 100,000 people in seven days, and now there are 333.3. Hamburg, which has a high ohmigron density in Germany, is already forecasting an incoming wave, despite major disturbances caused by delayed case records by authorities.

+++ 20:05 Federal states report 41,500 new cases +++
There are 41,556 new cases reported today in the federal states. The number of confirmed corona virus infections in Germany has risen to 7,082,037. However, the number of cases not registered due to holidays is considered significant. So it makes no sense to compare it with previous week’s numbers. The RKI estimates that the number of people who have recovered from the onset of the epidemic is 6,328,727. The death toll from the infection rose 385 to 111,345. An average of 267 deaths per day are currently reported. Currently 641,965 people are affected.

The number of registrations has dropped due to the public holiday

Fall event values ​​for Christmas and New Year do not necessarily reflect the actual infection rate. Fewer infections are reported during the holidays for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, fewer people usually go to the doctor, and some procedures may even be open. On the other hand, laboratories and health officials sometimes only work to a limited extent. Conclusion: The Number of reported cases Decreases, the number of unregistered cases is increasing, and the view of the corona situation is temporarily blurred.

The infection rate (7-day R value) is given by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 0.83 (previous day: 0.75). According to the DIVI Intensive Care Register, 19 of the 4010 Covid patients in Germany are currently being treated in intensive care, 2365 of whom have aggressive ventilation.

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