February 1, 2023

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Corona virus live ticker: +++ 06:29 Chinese city, with a population of millions, orders compulsory holiday for mass trials +++

In the Chinese metropolis of Tianjin, authorities are launching a campaign to test 14 million residents for the disease. This will prevent the spread of the Omigron variant. In the giant city, 100 kilometers southeast of Beijing, authorities say there are 33 infectious corona virus infections spreading in a single day. The city administration is ordering a half-day holiday for employees of companies and other companies to carry out mass inspections.

+++ 06:05 Conflict researchers on protests: “The desire to use violence has reached its peak” +++
Bielefeld conflict analyst Andreas Zigg sees the current protests against the Corona actions as “solidarity between radical opponents of the system and bourgeois groups”. This could have long-lasting negative consequences for democracy: “We see a combination of anti-democratic ideologies that threaten democracy and conspiracy theories, and there will be many of them,” Zig told Germany’s editorial network. “We now see thousands of people on the streets in many cities, believing that the state has lost its legitimacy.” According to the scientist, the protesters will not distance themselves from the right-wing extremists who come with them. “We are losing people from among these new sectarian groups.” Zig warns: “This is a challenge to democracy as we enter the next conflict, such as inflation and the next financial and economic crisis.

+++ 05:34 Expert warns against using antigen tests for free testing +++
In the debate over the reliability of antigen tests, one expert warns against false protection by negative test results. “Freestyle testing alone is not possible with antigen testing,” says Andreas Poprovsky, president of the German Association of Laboratory Physicians. This refers to the federal government’s plans to implement not only PCR tests, but also initial free testing from isolation through “high-quality” antigen testing. Antigen tests, which include self-tests and rapid tests, often do not work, especially when the virus load is low, which Poprovsky says is a complex signal. The virus load decreases very rapidly, especially in Omigran, especially in vaccinated individuals.

+++ 04:48 Hale plans legal ownership of home office +++ ‘
Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil wants to establish a permanent home office in the daily German work. “I support the idea that corona-related, unplanned large-scale home-based endeavors are having fundamental effects on the work world,” says Hale. According to the minister, the Ambel-Coalition will create “modern rules for mobile work in Germany” and the legal right to work from home: “The modern regulatory framework for mobile work is coming.”

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+++ 04:25 New daily highs: RKI reports 80,430 new infections +++
The number of new epidemics in Germany has reached a new daily peak. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports a total of 80,430 new infections in the last 24 hours. The previous record was 65,371 new infections on November 18. As of Tuesday morning, health officials had reported 45,690 new infections to the RKI. The seven-day event, meanwhile, has crossed 400. As of Wednesday morning, it was 407.5. The previous day it was 387.9. It was 258.6 a week ago. In addition, 384 new corona virus-related deaths were reported on Wednesday.

Note: RKI figures generally deviate slightly from case data ntv.de Daily evening reports. The ntv.de database directly accesses federal statistics published by local ministries and authorities. RKI, on the other hand, is bound by legally recommended reporting channels, which can lead to delays.

In addition, the respective daily values ​​map the different recording periods: ntv rating collects country information published within the evening and uses it to calculate the daily status of reported cases, which are usually released from 8 pm. RKI’s registration system, on the other hand, takes into account incoming reports until midnight, and the current data level will be announced the next morning.

+++ 03:21 Four out of ten employees complain about home office equipment +++
Four out of ten employees feel stressed because of a poorly equipped workplace in the home office. This is the result of a Forsa survey conducted by Technician Krankenkosse (DK) in the Funky Media Group. Nevertheless, according to TK data, there was no significant increase in back pain problems. But with almost 18 percent of the total number of sick days in the first corona year by 2020, musculoskeletal disorders, like previous years, are the second most common cause of non-diagnosed days among TK insured individuals. Not coming due to mental health issues in the first place.

+++ 01:49 Teachers’ Associations: Corona rules change direction quickly in the worst case scenario +++
Teachers’ associations are calling for the immediate correction of corona activities in schools if the infection situation worsens. “We are pleased that schools have resumed face-to-face teaching, but the situation is volatile given the growing prevalence of the Omigron variant,” said Heinz-Peter Meiddinger, president of the German Teachers’ Association. Author Network in Germany. “Wherever the epidemic worsens, health care in schools must be rapidly increased.” This may be especially the case with daily corona tests and the need for an FFP2 mask. “Stopping forced attendance is also an option.”

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+++ 01:10 American expert Fauci: Omikron variant affects almost everyone +++
According to leading American expert Anthony Fossie, the highly contagious Omigron variant will sooner or later affect almost everyone. “With the extraordinary and unprecedented effectiveness of the transmission, Omikron will eventually find almost everyone,” says the immunologist and presidential adviser. Those vaccinated will also be affected, but most of them will not be harmed, so they will not be admitted to hospital or die, Fassi said in an interview with the Think Tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Those who have not yet been vaccinated are the worst, Fauzi said.

+++ 00:39 If vaccination is mandatory, Patient Safety Requires Scholz +++
Patient lawyer Eugen Brysch calls on President Olaf Scholz to abandon plans to make vaccinations mandatory. “The debate over compulsory vaccination is currently all but obscure, but it is becoming increasingly impossible whether it will actually come about,” says the German Foundation Board for Patient Protection, an editorial network. “Although the Chancellor has made vaccination a top priority, there should be a return to Olaf Scholes now because more urgent issues have been postponed for a very long time.”

+++ 23:28 Germany buys five million Biotech cans from Romania +++
Germany today received five million doses of biotech vaccine, which are actually aimed at Romania, according to the Ministry of Health. They are from the EU group, but Romania does not need them.

+++ 22:12 Mandatory vaccination: Montgomery without delays +++
World Physicians President Frank Ulrich does not understand how long it will take to vaccinate Montgomery. Direct Montgomery on RTL said: “Politics is very slow at the moment”, in implementing the MPK’s decision on isolation and compulsory vaccinations: “If I heard that the Bundestag could not be met because it was Carnival week. A room at any time.

+++ 21:46 Canadian province wants to introduce health contribution to vaccine deniers +++
Residents who have not been vaccinated in the Canadian province of Quebec will have to pay extra in the future, the local prime minister has said. “The vaccine is the key to combating the virus. For this reason, we are thinking about a contribution to adults refusing to be vaccinated for non-medical reasons,” Premier Franுவாois Lecold declared. Anyone who refuses the first dose of the vaccine in the coming weeks will have to pay a new health contribution. It was not immediately clear how much of this would be and when it would come into effect.

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+++ 21:09 Current data status in Germany: 57,771 new cases reported +++
The number of people infected with the corona virus in Germany has risen to 7,607,456. As can be seen from the information of state officials estimated by Ntv.de, 57,771 new cases were added. The number of deaths related to the infection has increased by 373 to 114,500. Currently 682,106 people are affected.

248 of the 411 regions in Germany – and so far more than half of them have at least 300 cases. Yesterday it was a little low – i.e. 248 areas. The incidence is at least 500 in 55 regions.

The infection rate (7-day R-value) is given by Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 1.10 (previous day: 1.17). According to the DIVI Intensive Care Register, 3,154 Govt 19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany, of whom 1916 are occupants with aggressive ventilation.

+++ 20:34 There are 368,149 new infections reported in France +++
France holds the record with more than 368,000 registered new corona infections in a single day. According to the French Health Commission on Tuesday evening, 368,149 new infections were reported within 24 hours. There were a maximum of 332,252 registered infections since last Wednesday. The number of cases in France has risen over the past few weeks. The omigran variant of the corona virus now dominates the country. The latest event nationwide is 2,790.

+++ 20:04 Kegule: Omigron wave, do without follow-up +++
In the event of a strong omigran wave, virologist Alexander Kekule offers the opportunity to eliminate the tracking and isolation of asymptomatic contacts. According to him, those with symptoms and confirmed infections should continue to be isolated, he explained at MDR Aktuell on Tuesday. Considering a situation with very high case numbers, Kekule described it as “completely excluding the Department of Health from identifying all contact persons”. He will “seriously consider” the possibility of giving up the pursuit.

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