December 5, 2022

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Corona worldwide: more than 800,000 cowboy deaths in the United States – politics

More than 800,000 people have died from corona infection in the United States since the outbreak. This is according to data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore on Tuesday. The death toll exceeded 700,000 in early October.

The Johns Hopkins website is constantly updated and shows slightly higher levels than the official figures in general. However, in individual cases, the numbers are also edited downwards. About 796,000 people died of the corona virus on Tuesday, according to the U.S. Health Commission CDC.

No country in the world records more corona deaths than the United States, which has a population of about 330 million. Brazil is currently in second place with 600,000 deaths, with India affecting nearly 500,000 people. According to official figures, there are 300,000 deaths each in Mexico and Russia. However, experts believe the number of unreported cases is high in all countries because many deaths and corona infections have not even been reported to authorities.

The number of infections diagnosed in the United States since the outbreak rose to more than 50 million on Monday. About 120,000 new infections are currently reported there every day, almost with delta variation. According to the CDC, an average of 1,100 people die from the virus each day. (15.12.2021)

Despite the rebellion, Johnson executes Corona’s operations in its own order

Against great opposition, the British House of Commons agreed to intensify corona measures to combat the highly contagious Omigran variant in the ruling party’s ranks. On Tuesday evening, after an emotional debate, MPs voted by a majority to tighten the mask requirement and move to issue 3G certificates, especially for nightclubs and major events.

During the vote on the testimony, 369 MPs voted in favor and 126 against. According to media reports, nearly 100 votes came from the government camp. In their initial assessments, commentators speculated that this might be the biggest uprising against Johnson since his election victory in 2019. Labor, the largest opposition party, had announced its approval of the move in advance, which is why the majority was determined. However, dozens of Tory MPs announced that they would vote against it. There was tremendous resistance against vaccine or test evidence. Johnson has a majority of 79 votes in the lower house, so he was able to get the current austerity through parliament only with the votes of the opposition.

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The prime minister has come under fire not only for corona operations but also for various scandals. During the lockdown last year, several illegal parties were reportedly held on Downing Street. (14.12.2021)

Italy introduces mandatory testing for vaccinated travelers

If you want to go to Italy, you must have a corona test from December 16 – this rule applies to everyone, including those who have already been vaccinated with a gun. Those who have not been vaccinated should be isolated for five days after entering the country. The Ministry of Health announced this on Tuesday. There was already a similar restriction for travelers from non-EU countries, and now it has been extended to travel to neighboring European countries just before the Christmas holidays. The stricter rules will first apply until January 31st.

Italy is currently gradually intensifying its measures against the Covit 19 epidemic. For example, since Wednesday, the Italian media has unanimously reported that teachers, educators, military and police officers, rescue workers and health administration staff must apply for the vaccine. Vaccination is already mandatory for health workers. This is provided in addition to the obligation to vaccinate third parties. So those who refuse the vaccine will be suspended from work without pay.

Since last week, the so-called “Super Green Pass”, which is similar to the German 2-G rules, has been in effect in many areas of public life in Italy. The health emergency has also been extended until the end of March. The corona situation in Italy is currently much looser than in other European countries. Even there, events are on the rise, but in moderation. About 12,700 new infections were reported on Tuesday. (14.12.2021)

Pfizer: Anti-corona drug shows high efficacy

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According to manufacturer Pfizer, the anti-corona drug Paxlovit is very effective. This is confirmed by the evaluation of clinical studies on the drug. Accordingly, the agency showed nearly 90 percent effectiveness in preventing hospital stays and deaths of high-risk patients, as reported by the American Pharmaceutical Institute. Recent laboratory tests have also shown that the drug maintains its effectiveness against the rapidly spreading Omigron variant of the corona virus.

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In November Pfizer released the results of a preliminary study showing that the pill was 89 percent effective in preventing hospitalization or death compared to placebo. Interim results are based on data from approximately 1200 people, with an additional 1000 final results. None of the participants in the study who received Pfizer treatment died – compared to the twelve deaths among those who took the placebo.

The pharmaceutical company released preliminary data from a second clinical study, which showed that treatment reduced hospital stays by about 70 percent in about 600 adults at risk for a normal infection. “We’m talking about saving an incredible number of lives and preventing hospital stays. Using this agent quickly after an infection can definitely reduce the spread,” said Michael Tolston, director of Pfizer Research.

This pill is given in combination with an old antiviral called Ridonavir. Combination therapy under the brand name Paxlovit is taken every twelve hours for five days shortly after the onset of symptoms. Pfizer manager Tolston expects emergency approval for the drug from the US FDA and other authorities, for example, the European Union and the United Kingdom, in the future. The US government has already received more than ten billion treatment units worth over five billion dollars. None of the oral antiviral treatments for Govit-19 have yet been approved in the United States.

Pharmaceutical company Merck & Co has applied for emergency approval for its antiviral pill molnupiravir. However, this drug was able to reduce hospital stays and deaths by only 30 percent in clinical trials with high-risk patients. (14.12.2021)

Scandinavian countries are concerned about the spread of Omigron

Norway bans alcohol in restaurants, pubs and hotels during the holidays. From this Wednesday, there will be a complete ban on service for four weeks, including Christmas and New Year. Its purpose is to reduce community congestion and ultimately to prevent the spread of the omicron variant of the corona virus. Finance Minister Drigway Sloxvolt announced further government support for companies affected by the ban and other measures.

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The service ban order was passed by the government on Monday evening. In addition, there are strict rules for public events, organized leisure activities and cultural life. Tightness of operations is associated with major concerns about the proliferation of omigrans. According to a list by the Norwegian health agency FHI, at least 1176 omigran infections have now been detected in the Scandinavian country of more than five million people.

In Denmark, too, the number of new infections detected from the Omigran variant increased. Between November 22 and December 13, 3437 Omigron cases were registered in Denmark. As of December 9, their share was ten percent of all corona virus cases. About 75 percent of those infected with Omigran have been fully vaccinated, and nearly nine percent have already received the booster vaccine. That goes from there Govt-19 Daily Report from State Serum Company Emerged.

According to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), 82 percent of people in Denmark are fully vaccinated. Denmark has the highest proportion of people vaccinated in the world. The country was on September 10th All corona restrictions were removed. So far, the federal government has not classified Norway and Denmark as high risk or virus variant areas. (14.12.2021)

Omigron is responsible for eleven percent of new infections in Ireland

Ireland reports an increase in infections due to the Omigron variant. Health officials in the country say the virus mutant may currently be responsible for eleven percent of the new Covit 19 cases in Ireland. They predict a “very rapid increase” in Omicron infections in the coming days. (14.12.2021)