February 3, 2023

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CSU politician Weber Bey is not – “Erdogan is doing too dangerous now!” – Politics

Total twist! Germany sends arms to the Great War, Europe suffocates the combustion engine and eleven years later the savers are finally reaping the interest. Mabrid Ilner chose the most dangerous thing: “Conflict instead of force – but not together against Putin?”


Manfred Weber (49, CSU). The leader of the largest group in the European Parliament was outraged: “Putin is a criminal and a murderer!”

Claudia Roth (67, Greens). On his return from threatened Odessa, the Minister of Culture warned that Putin “wants to destroy the cultural identity of a country, a community.”

Ben Hodges (67). The former commander-in-chief of US troops in Europe is surprised: “Germany is still trying to find its role in defense policy.”

Quentinol Sauce (50). As for the political scientist, it is clear that “Putin can not sell what has happened so far as a clear victory.”

Denise Ussel (48). Advertiser (WELT) blames: “Putin and Erdogan may be similar dictatorial politicians, but one trained in the KGB and the other trained in the Istanbul Transport Authority. That’s the difference.”

Elmer Devsen (55). Washington, head of the ZDF studio, recalls Putin’s vision 20 years ago: “Inclusion in NATO is a decision between NATO and Ukraine”. It’s been a long time.

Experienced concept fighters with amazing level transitions on completely new fronts. Sof-o-meter scores.

Start with location determination

Ussel immediately plunged into a deep wound: “German Russia policy failed, it was a mistake,” he says without anesthesia. “Erdogan’s development cannot be a lesson from the Ukraine war. The dictators are not trusted partners.

Denis Uessel, German-Turkish journalist and publicist (WELT)Photo: ZDF

Weber did not like any of the prisoners: the CSU man, holding the Ukrainian ribbon in his lap, warns that “Erdogan is doing too much wrong now.” “He even tried to threaten Europe with refugees!”

Clear note with fence post

The politician warns that “determination is only determination and strength.” “Strength (they have enormous economic problems in Turkey) shows that the EU is not trivial.”

Manfred Weber (CSU) and Christian Democratic European People's Party (EPP) Parliamentary Committee Chairman in the European Parliament

Manfred Weber (CSU), Christian Democratic European People’s Party (EPP) party and parliamentary committee chairman in the European Parliament Photo: ZDF

Because, according to Weber’s political counter-argument: “We will use the means of power she has, for example access to the internal market.”

Very creative view

Political scientist Chasse evaluates controversial phone calls to the Kremlin, which are particularly controversial in Eastern Europe: “In general, it is definitely right to test when the moment for diplomacy comes. However, signals from Berlin and Paris go beyond that.

His analysis: “It is clear that there is no room for negotiation at this time. But there are also these phone calls to see if anything changes.

The most shameless bazaar speaks bargain

“Of course, the people in Washington are very annoyed by Erdogan,” Devicen said. “Some say Erdogan’s Turkey will no longer meet the criteria that Finland and Sweden must meet to become members of NATO. He will be denied permission!”

ZDF reporter’s sober assessment: “Someone here believes that this is a question of price. Erdogan wants something: a triangular deal with F-16 fighter jets and the United States and Saudi Arabia. But here’s the feeling that Erdogan is hopeless.” Boom!

Very forgiving attitude

“He gambled!”, Judging Weber briefly and clearly.

“He’s playing his hand too much,” the U.S. general said, but “we in the United States also need to adjust our relations with Turkey.” We made a mistake too.

Bitter post

Then the General launches an attractive attack: “Germany is certainly our most important ally,” he praised. “I think most of Europe will follow in Germany’s footsteps. Chancellor Schulz has the opportunity to say: We will do everything we can to ensure that Ukraine regains its territories!”

Ben Hodges, 67, is the former commander-in-chief of US forces in Europe

Ben Hodges, 67, is the former commander-in-chief of US forces in EuropePhoto: ZDF

But Ussel pours water on the wine: “Germany’s promise will not come to Ukraine,” he complains. “Seven self-propelled howitzers will arrive at the end of June, two months after the Bundestag decision. Poland has supplied 18 similar weapons, Norway 22.

Most political wardrobe

Since Claudia Roth was the state Minister of Culture, she left colorful circus costumes on the shelf. Her blazer is greener than her perspective today: “I support the provision of weapons,” she reluctantly admits, “and we keep our promises.” Heidevitska!

But then the old reflexes kick in again: “I’m worried about reducing the debate to weapons,” the minister murmurs, doubting supporters with a one-sided nod: “I sometimes find the opposition’s arguments too simplistic!”, Muttering to you. Front man and side direction!

Very beautiful dizziness

Roth praised the traffic lighting resolutions in a fiery defense speech: “One billion budget support for Ukraine. Incredible assistance through demining, forensics,” she counts off the finger. Humanitarian assistance. Set up the deported media strategic infrastructure against Putin’s campaign.

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth (B'90 / The Greens)

Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth (B’90 / The Greens) Photo: ZDF

When the talk show host played on the Polish president’s question of who really cared about the loss of Hitler’s face, the flow of the speech stumbled briefly: “There is nothing wrong with the phone call, if it is clear words, it should be introduced. A clear position. No doubt.

Very unusual choice of name

“Germany is not a hippie commune!” Ussel says angrily. “Germany has a large arms industry. Germany supplies to countries like Saudi Arabia or Egypt. They do not want to supply to Ukraine. Do not anger Putin!

The WELT man is particularly angry that Erdogan’s shoals are hanging loose in all populations: “Turkey provided Pyrrhic war drones, which was a great help to Ukraine’s security,” Ussel was annoyed, “so today Ukrainian children were born at that time, and they were given the name ‘Pyrctor’!”

The biggest risk

“Germany is in danger of historic defeat,” Weber warns. “If Kiev falls today, it will make an appearance all over Europe, and perhaps even around the world: Germany is the cause.”

His concern: “In two weeks, heads of state and government will meet in Brussels. It is questionable whether Ukraine will be granted candidate status. Everyone tells me: We have not received a signal from the Chancellery. Not even from the Élysée palace. The two great nations with the task of leading Europe are not currently in the forefront!

Strong advice

“That’s the problem we have,” Weber continued, “and that’s the failure of this government.

His stern warning: “We Europeans are naked in a world of storms. We are not defensive and we are not in a position to position ourselves politically with diplomatic consensus when really necessary.

The main requirement

Then the EU politician punches his clenched fist: “Now a second task for Berlin and Paris – but there is no effort – we are now drafting a new agreement for Europe!”

Because, Weber continues: “We need new power structures in this EU, otherwise we will not be ready for tomorrow’s storms!”

Then the Zoff-o-meter starts

Roth hides his erroneous verdicts behind famous party friends: Robert Hebeck and Annalena Barbach have long insisted not on weapons, but on diplomacy.

But Weber did not give up on her and quotes Ukrainian voices: “If a politician in Germany apologizes, you go to the next topic. But we pay for the mistakes made!”

Honest self-criticism

“Of course, Eastern Europeans felt like second-class Europeans,” Weber openly admits. “Of course we treated her like a high school teacher.”

But now, the CSU man continues, “As people are shocked by the Russian brutality, we see things moving closer together.”

Very reliable forecast

“We want to help Ukraine succeed in fully reclaiming the territory of Ukraine, including Crimea and the Donbass,” the US general promised.

His expectation is, “By the end of the year, if all the supplies are delivered, things will change.”

Because, according to Hodges, “the Russian armed forces are exhausted and we can already see that it can not be prevented. By the end of the year, Ukrainian forces will be able to push Russian forces into the February lines.

The most shocking megalomania

The ZDF reporter points to the frightening parallels that Putin drew a few hours ago, the most successful of all Russian jars: in an interview, he said, like the Kremlin leader Peter the Great, that he now “must bring Russia” in all seriousness. Soil “house.

At the same time, “some parts of the Russian navy sailed in the Baltic Sea,” Devicen continued, “until the Finnish president and the Swedish royal couple left the annual festival on the neutral island of Aland Holderdibolder, they felt threatened.”

Loving anticipation

The political scientist concludes that “June is a crucial moment in whether Ukraine will be able to obtain candidate status.” “It will change the EU, but in the current context there is no real backsliding or hesitation.” And hopefully no more scaling!

Evening quote

“CIA information was sent endlessly. No one believed it.” Elmer Devsen on Berlin’s reaction to Putin’s march


Heavyweights and lightweights from politics and press between sour wine and spilled milk. That’s a sobering talk in the “turning landscape” section.

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