February 1, 2023

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Currently 9,000 Govt patients: Texas: Clinics need to return to emergency action

Currently 9,000 Govt patients
Texas: Clinics need to return to the state of emergency

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans the need for a mask in his state and instead relies on personal responsibility. The virus is spreading fast, and due to the low vaccination rate, there are many serious cases again. Abbott is now appealing to hospitals.

In the wake of the recent corona wave, the US state of Texas has asked all hospitals to postpone completely unnecessary medical interventions. This is to ensure adequate care of all Govt patients, Governor Greg Abbott said in a letter to the hospital association.

The Ministry of Health will try to recruit medical staff from other states to care for corona patients. Disaster control is the reopening of infusion centers where patients can receive blood plasma treatment.

The situation in Texas has deteriorated significantly as the delta variation has spread. In the state of 29 million people, an average of 12,000 new corona infections are reported each day, according to official data. Accordingly, about 9,000 Govt patients are currently being treated in hospitals.

Public precautionary measures in Texas are not politically desired: Republicans have declared Corona requirements as illegal as mask requirements in the state of Abbott. In doing so, he evokes personal responsibility. Abbott has repeatedly tried to portray the corona virus as an “import” problem. The governor has always insisted that it is illegal immigrants who bring the virus across the border.

Abbott’s commitment to the vaccine campaign is minimal. He has already spoken out in support of the vaccine and his syringe was placed in front of TV cameras. In the end it is important for him to stand up for the rights of those who have not been vaccinated. About 44 percent of the population in Texas is currently fully vaccinated, and the nationwide vaccination rate is 50 percent.

The delta wave hits the south

The latest corona wave has hit southern states including Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Missouri. The governor of Arkansas, Republican Asa Hutchinson, warned Monday via Twitter that there are currently only eight beds in the intensive care unit across the state. Meanwhile, more Govt patients are being treated at the hospital than ever before during infections. Of the 1376 patients, 286 were connected to the ventilator. “Vaccines reduce hospital stays,” he wrote.

U.S. officials now report an average of 100,000 new infections a day. In June, before catching the delta variant, it was sometimes only about 10,000 a day. On average, more than 450 people die every day after a corona infection, according to data from the CDC Health Commission.

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