September 27, 2022

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Czech security adviser: “Putin respects strength”


Status: 05/05/2022 04:29 am

Czech Republic’s Prime Minister Filay Imin’s security adviser has warned the West not to show any weakness when dealing with Russian President Putin. ARD– Conversation. Today Fiala meets President Scholes.

By Kai Küstner, ARD Capital Studio

There is a kind of pride when Thomas Poger says: his country’s Czech Republic is the first and fastest in supplying arms to Ukraine, says Czech Prime Minister Peter Fila’s security adviser. Because it was clear from the first day of the war: “This is also our war. If Ukraine is defeated, this war will come near and beyond the Slovak border.”

Coy Gustner
ARD Capital Studio

Poser says he wants to restore the Soviet Union based on Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian president recognizes only parts of the former GDR as “western” and considers them “his”.

“We have to be tough”

This assessment of Putin and his imperialist thirst for power may have played a decisive role in the fact that Eastern Europeans – Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – did not hesitate for a long time to supply heavy equipment. To Ukraine. The personal adviser to the Czech prime minister warns Putin against showing weakness in an interview ARD– Capitol Studio, a big mistake.

“He understands strength. He understands toughness. And he respects strength and toughness. So we have to be tough.” Poger insists that does not mean that the red lines can be crossed. The area without the plane, for example, as initially requested, he also thinks is wrong. On the other hand, assisting Ukraine with weapons is urgently needed: “If Ukraine is weak, and we show weakness, Putin will not allow this opportunity to pass.”

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Scholz talks about an exact line

These are words that cannot be heard so clearly from the mouth of the German Chancellor. According to critics, Scholes postponed for a long time the decision on whether Germany should also supply heavy equipment to Ukraine.

“We fully agree with the coalition on what we should do here,” the Chancellor defended himself yesterday. A “very precise line” is followed here, “Scholes said.

The SPD politician demonstrated last weekend that he was capable of fiercely defending the supply of heavy weapons: at an event in Düsseldorf he was forced to speak out against the “peacemaking without weapons” crowd. It is disgraceful for a Ukrainian citizen to demand that he defend himself unarmed against Putin’s aggression. It’s out of date! “

330,000 war refugees were admitted

But weapons are not the only topic of discussion in favor of Ukraine: the Czech Republic is very skeptical about a rapid energy embargo on Russia. The prime minister’s security adviser also said his country had taken 330,000 refugees.

Measured by population, it would appear that 2.5 million people have arrived in Germany: “We are ready for that, but it is also true that we have not received a single euro from the EU or its member states,” said Poger, a security adviser.

“German leadership needed”

Speaking of more money: Like all NATO countries, the foreign policy expert welcomes the fact that Germany wants to significantly increase its defense spending. In general, Bozer believes that Germany will take on more responsibility in Europe in the long run.

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“We need a German leadership role in the economy, but also in security and security issues,” he says. The Czechs want Germany to be part of a European family that is well aware of how decisive the end of the war in Ukraine is.