December 10, 2022

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Dance: Iran reports on nuclear incident

According to the state nuclear body AEOI, an incident took place at the Iranian nuclear plant in Natanz on Sunday night. News agencies reported that Behrus Kamalwandi, a spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, was not immediately available for comment. The cause of the incident is being investigated.

So Kamalvandi talked about the “part of the power supply network” of the uranium enrichment plant. The incident happened a day later Iran To expedite uranium enrichment in Natans New centrifuges in operation Took.

The use of modern centrifuges is another violation of Tehran’s 2015 International Atomic Energy Agency, which is currently being renewed Ween Negotiation. Iran has used only the older generation centrifuges IR-1 and kept the uranium enrichment level below 4 percent.

Explosion in July 2020

The United States However, they were under the then President Donald Trump It unilaterally withdrew from the 2018 agreement and imposed new sanctions on Iran. Since then, there has been too Tehran Gradually deviated from its duties.

According to AEOI, the country has enriched 57 kilograms of 20 percent uranium in four months. Uranium with different concentrations is used as fuel for nuclear reactors and weapons. (More about uranium enrichment Read here.)

In July last year, it was in one of the factory’s work halls in Natance Given an explosion. Iranian officials have spoken of a “sabotage” for which they have been accused of being “terrorists.” The results of the investigation into the incident have not yet been released.