Dark Phoenix and Other June 7 Releases: Everything You Need to Know

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Summer is all about blockbuster movies. While, the last weekend was a busy one at the box office, this week the rush is expected to increase with exciting Hollywood sequels and new releases hitting the theaters. Worldwide releases on Friday including the Secret Life of Pets 2, Dark Phoenix, and the Last Black Man in San Francisco are expected to invite in a lot of audience. The best part – no movie resembles the other in any possible way, giving viewers the options to choose from to spend their weekend.

The genre of each movie caters to a variety of audience, and the hype that has built around them also hits several notes.

Riding high on Game of Thrones success, Sophie Turner was always the hot pick for Dark Phoenix. While, her first appearance as Jean Grey was marked in X-Men: Apocalypse, this time with Dark Phoenix she is expected to beat all the previous records.

As a fact, social media has gone barmy over the release and the #darkphoenix on Instagram has more than 140,000 posts already. Midst these posts, the excitement level of fans is quite clearly visible with live stories featuring advertisement hoardings showing Dark Phoenix posters of Sophie Turner. From the images of pre-booked tickets, to people posing as X-Men and what they expect from the upcoming sequel, is shared all over social media. Twitter isn’t far behind, instead the level of excitement looks even higher, with videos of Joe Jonas circulated, as he films Sophie at the red carpet event and spotting ads of the movie at different places.

After nearly two decades, X-men movies also mark an end with Dark Phoenix. The movie, however, is the directorial debut for Simon Kinberg, who previously wrote the scripts for The Last Stand and First Class’ sequels, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse.

Moving on to the Secret Life of Pets 2, the movie is a sequel of the first part released in 2016. Seriously, a lot cannot be inferred at this time, especially because even the last time it outperformed some majors at the box office. The first part of the movie was also a hit; courtesy it’s trailer, which invited a lot of audience, especially via Facebook.

Even this time, the same social media strategy has likely been adopted to promote the movie, with its trailer available both on Facebook and YouTube. Looking at the #secretlifeofpets2 on Instagram, only a little over 7,500 posts have been shared on the platform. While, the numbers are far less in comparison to Dark Phoenix, this could also be because of the target audience, which are children who may not be on social media platforms.

Nonetheless, the movie still has something out of the box, as it creates a world in which the animals live vibrantly, while their owners remain unaware of what their pets are up to. Comedian Kevin Hart plays a fluffy white rabbit in the movie, who thinks he is a superhero.

Lastly, looking at the Last Black Man in San Francisco, the movie has not received as much attention as it would have liked. Yet, the niche it touches is really different, from the rest of the movies discussed. The Last Black Man in San Francisco tells the story of a struggling African-American who dreams of reclaiming his childhood home.

Looking at the social media trends, the #lastblackmaninsanfrancisco has barely over 300 posts, way behind the other two movies. Besides, a lot is not even happening across Twitter, with the official movie page having under 700 followers. It is clear that the movie’s subject is not everyone’s cup of tea, and therefore, it is more of a mystery how many people will actually go out to watch the movie.

Given the pattern, Dark Phoenix, thus, vows to invite the maximum number of audiences, yet taking nothing way from the other two. It would be interesting to see exactly how the Last Black Man in San Francisco and Secret Life of Pets 2 perform on their release.

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