January 28, 2023

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Day on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Climate activist is Luisa Neubauer Humor about environmental terrorism Caused excitement and irritability. On the edge Copenhagen Democratic Summit, The event, which promotes democracy in Denmark, invited them Instagram A Video They talk about it in English Jokes about destroying the pipeline. “Of course we’ve been thinking about how to blow up the world’s longest crude oil pipeline,” he says in the post. She explains later EACOP Pipeline What this means is that it is to be built in East Africa and that will prevent it. Environmental activists are critical that the pipeline should be set up Thousands of families are missing. In addition, natural reserves will be attacked and the planned pipeline will run through critical areas for elephants, lions and chimpanzees.

Among others, on Twitter, Neubauer Criticized for choosing words. He responded to a tweet: “Jesus is Mary, This is a book. “ He also published a screenshot of the book “How to destroy a pipeline” By Swedish writer and climate researcher Andrew MalmWho The forerunner of the extreme climate movement Apply. In the book, but also in interviews, Malm argues that sabotage is a logical form of climate action. When asked, Neubauer wanted to comment only on the planned pipeline project, but not on his report, according to the “Built” newspaper.

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