September 26, 2022

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Death by landmine: Russian political influencer dies in Donbass

Landmine death
Russian political influencer dies in Donbass

Zemfira Suleimanova is a political campaigner via TikTok, promoting the ultra-nationalist and imperialist party “Other Russia”. While traveling in the stricken Donbass, she was killed by a landmine.

A Russian political influencer was killed by a landmine in the Donbass. This is reported by several media, including a Russian company Inter fax and a Ukrainian news site “Ukrainska Pravda”. 25-year-old Zemfira Suleimanova traveled to Russian-occupied Donbass as a political activist. The vehicle she was in ran into a “Lebestok” PFM-type mine in Kirovske District, which exploded. Sulaimanova died in hospital.

These Soviet-era “butterfly mines” are owned by Russians and Ukrainians. Russia says Ukraine is using mines in Donbass. For information of the British Secret Service Mines are used by Russia.

Initially, Sulaimanova was said to be a correspondent for Russian state broadcaster RT in the region, which she denied. Sulaimanova never worked at the station. Accordingly, she was spontaneous in the war zone.

On TikTok, the 25-year-old advertised for the National-Bolshevik party “Other Russia,” which is not officially registered in Russia. The party alliance with the hand grenade as its symbol has an imperialist agenda. According to Belarusian opposition media “Next” “Other Russia” suggests annexing Russian-speaking regions such as Belarus and northern Kazakhstan and the Donbass to Russia.

On that day Instagram The party released a condolence message for the activist. It says he arrived in Donbas a week ago to inform people about what was happening and encourage them to do military service.

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