December 10, 2022

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Debate on Corona Vaccines: More Stimulus and More Stress?

As of: 08/29/2021 1:54 pm

To increase the desire for vaccination, Green Chancellor candidate Barbaugh calls for more freedom for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. In Baden-Wூrttemberg and Bavaria there may be stricter rules for people who are not soon vaccinated.

As the number of new corona infections increases, the number of daily vaccinations continues to decline. Green leader and president Annalena Barbach has now spoken out in favor of greater freedom compared to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered to increase the incentive for vaccination. “He cannot expect others to give up their freedom if there is no solidarity with children or the chronically ill,” Farge told the media group’s newspaper.

Therefore, she thinks it is right to give more freedom to those who have been vaccinated or “as Hamburg does now”. The unique 2G option model in Germany has been in effect in Hamburg since the weekend. If only those who have been vaccinated and healed attend an event, almost all corona requirements will no longer apply. Organizers or hosts can decide whether they want to go this route or use the 3G model – i.e. accept current trials.

One should not leave the vaccine campaign “especially to protect children”. The vaccine is not yet approved for children under the age of twelve in Germany. With the need for mobile vaccination teams, intensive communication and information in multiple languages, Baerbock continues. A common vaccine requirement is not legally enforceable.

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Strobel believes that stricter rules are possible for those who are not vaccinated

Baden-Wர்டrttemberg Interior Minister Thomas Stroeff issued a similar statement. In his opinion, people who are not vaccinated soon may have stricter corona rules. The CDU politician told “Bild am Sonntag”: “If it hits the intensive care unit, you must act. It is wrong to hold everyone collectively responsible, including those who have been vaccinated – that is why there are different rules for those who are not vaccinated than those who have been vaccinated.” Recommended contact control and a ban on coming to restaurants and concerts.

According to the newspaper, Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holletsch also supports the plans. It is appropriate to think about future measures such as communication restrictions to “protect the health system,” Holetschek said.

Supports the specification of patient care 2G allocation

In the context of the 2G regulations for catering companies, patient protection lawyer Eugene Bryce complains about the lack of restrictions on hospitals and care facilities. “Transparency is needed to assess the risk of infection for those who are sick and in need of care,” a group from the Patient Care Foundation told the Editorial Network in Germany.

Bryce therefore demands a legal obligation on hospitals and maintenance facilities to publish the quota of vaccinated and healing staff. Under the Infectious Diseases Protection Act, the federal government is required to report the 2G status of the elderly and nursing staff. “2G Status Radar” should be published daily on services and home websites. This is especially important as there is no nationwide mandatory daily check-up for medical and nursing staff.

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