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Democrat-led State Legislature Approves Bills to Revoke Virginia Abortion Laws

in Virginia

State Democrats continue to display the power of majority they have in the Virginia state legislature by consecutively rolling out liberal policies, promised in the 2019 State elections. Virginia abortion laws, introduced at the time of the GOP majority in the state, are as conservative as the policies for gun control, Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and the LGBT community.

Absence of gun control laws have put the lives of millions of Americans at risk, while the lack of ERA has led to discrimination against various communities. However, the Virginian women were most affected after stringent abortion laws were introduced in the state, making them lose their rights on their own bodies.

Besides jeopardizing the health of women, both physically and mentally, and violating their rights, the Virginia abortion laws also subjected them to harassment. After ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, approving the bills for stricter gun control measures, and rolling out policies to curb discrimination against the LGBT community, the Democrat-led House and Senate have now passed their version of bills to nullify several of the restrictive policies related to abortion.

The mandate on abortion seekers to undergo an ultrasound at least 24 hours before the procedure and to get counseled on the alternatives of abortion are some of the several laws to be rolled back. Another policy to be made void is the condition of terming the clinics or premises performing more than five abortions as hospitals.

When the results of voting on the proposals were declared, both the bills received votes along the party lines. The House of Delegates passed the bill with the voting of 52-45. On the other hand, the Senate bill received a 20-20 voting, after which Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax voted in favor of approving the bill breaking the tie-breaker.

The bills will also withdraw the mandate due to which only physicians could perform abortions during the first trimester of the pregnancy, one of the other limitations of Virginia abortion laws. Even though each House has passed its respective bill, the bills will still take time to get implemented, majorly due to parliamentary laws, under which each House needs to approve other’s bill.

A Democratic aide has claimed that there is no fixed time for each House to approve other’s version of the bill. As per the claims, the bill could either be approved early, depending on when both the chambers exchange the bills, or as late as the last week of March.

Yet, speculations that the Democratic state lawmakers working at a phenomenal pace to resolve all orthodox policies to make the road easier for 2020 Democratic hopefuls are raising their head. Is there any base to such speculations or are the Democrats just doing their job?

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