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Face of Democratic Hopefuls: Rich Businessman or Modest Background Holder?

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With billionaire Michael Bloomberg announcing his presidential bid as a Democrat, quite a few questions have been surrounding his campaign. One of the key questions being, would Bloomberg’s campaign affect the re-election campaign of the President and other Democratic hopefuls?

Other questions revolving in the minds of many are, would Bloomberg be able to turn the tide of the 2020 elections in his favor and, if elected would Bloomberg convert the country into a clone of New York – the condition which the city achieved during his three-time mayoralty, or would Bloomberg be the combination of a billionaire president having the vision of a person with a modest background?

Seeing the recent development in the election field especially after the entry of the new Democratic hopeful, these questions don’t appear to be baseless.

As per the recent polls released on Sunday, if the country goes through a hypothetical election, then apart from the low probability of President Trump’s re-election, all major Democratic hopefuls have scored a win against the President. Amongst all the hopefuls, philanthropist Michael Bloomberg’s name took many by surprise.

According to the polls, Bloomberg stands a chance to garner 43 percent of the votes, while Trump would get only 37 percent of the votes. Amidst these, around 20 percent of the voters are still unsure of their choice.

On the other hand, Bloomberg’s presidential bid has sent the entire Democratic camp in frenzy, especially with the next Democratic debate only nine days away. 

While many might claim the speculation to be highly imaginative, this seems plausible since the Democratic rivals are now condemning the former New York mayor, one by one. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Vermont Sen. Sanders together condemned Bloomberg’s and his mayoralty in New York, during an interview with ABC News.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Sunday took a dig on Bloomberg’s billionaire status and said that while the nation has suffered under the administration of a person with a business mindset, would it be fair to appoint another businessman who is way-more richer than President Trump.

Moreover, another billionaire, former hedge fund manager and Democratic hopeful Tom Steyer also tried to shift focus from the recent scandals his campaign was facing to Bloomberg, during the CNN town hall.

He criticized Bloomberg’s silence on Wealth Tax and claimed that he cannot be seen as a serious candidate unless he supports the Wealth Tax policy. With this, Steyer has made one thing clear that a Democratic candidate cannot be seen as a presidential candidate if he has a different perception of a policy.

While only time would tell how Bloomberg would fare in the 2020 elections, the camping up of other Democratic hopefuls indicates the fear they have over the popularity Bloomberg can attain if he is not pushed down the cliff.

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