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Democratic National Committee to Deny Iowa’s Virtual Caucus

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is preparing to deny the decision of allowing the caucus of Iowa to vote using phone from next year. The decision will not only threaten the existence of presidential caucus but will also complicate the implementation of 2020 presidential caucus by Iowa Democratic Party.

As per the sources, who knew about the plans, the decision is taken to put an end to concerns of process getting rigged and hacked. The announcement will be made officially by today afternoon and will be taken in as recommendation to the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee.

As of now neither the spokesperson of the Democratic National Committee nor the members of the state party have made any comments on the decision.

The facility to vote by phone or “virtual caucus” was allowed, past 2016 elections which compelled the caucus states to allow some form of absentee voting.

With this move enforced, Iowa might witness disarray as the state has traditionally held the first-in-the-nation vote. The Iowa caucuses will take place on February 3, next year. However, after this move, the members of Iowa’s Democratic Party might need to introduce new plans to adjust the DNC’s instruction.

If the plan of the members of the Iowa’s Democrats had gone through, then the voters would not have the need to visit the caucus in order to submit their preferences at one of the six “virtual caucuses” over the phone.

However, the authorities of the Democratic National Committee at a meeting with the rules committee in San Francisco expressed their opinions on how they believe that such an arrangement is not secure.

According to sources, several democratic presidential campaigns have voiced their concerns that the decision might hamper the results of Iowa’s caucus that are due in February.

Earlier in February, a survey conducted by The Des Moines Register revealed that virtual participation could experience an increase by third.Later in June, a separate poll disclosed that methods remain a mystery even to those who wanted to participate in the process.

The step taken by Democratic National Committee cannot be considered as wrong as the committee was already taken aback due to the Russian Interference in 2016, which caused unsolicited release of Clinton campaign emails and D.N.C. documents.

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