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Democratic Presidential Candidates Endorse Key Issues Before Ohio Debate

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As the Presidential primaries and the fourth Democratic debate near, the Democratic presidential candidates – Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker – proposed serious policies in the past week.

Warren, who has emerged as the frontrunner in the race of the presidential hopefuls, announced a plan on Wednesday to provide “environmental justice” to those who are most affected by climate change.

The stance of Sen. Warren on climate change policy and her continuous support to Green New Deal gives some reassurance that she might not let such policies go in vain, even though it is not for the first time that the US government or one of the top Democratic presidential candidates proposed such a policy.

Before Warren, Sanders announced a plan to keep a check on the influence of the money on politics and completely revamp the Federal Election Commission. Vermont Sen. has been continuously in news since last week as he had to undergo heart procedure for stent-grafting.

Justifying his policy, Sanders said, “Our grassroots-funded campaign is proving every single day that you don’t need billionaires and private fundraisers to run for president. When we win the Democratic nomination and defeat Donald Trump, we will transform our political system by rejecting the influence of big corporate money.”

Booker gained limelight amongst 23 Democratic presidential candidates following his stance on overcoming wealth gap. He announced a policy on Friday to improve the rights of college athletes and vowed to resolve pay and gender inequity in sports.

Booker in support of his policy also said, “Sports at these levels is a multi-billion dollar business. Just as we shouldn’t accept collusion, wage theft and a massive gender pay gap in any other industry, we shouldn’t accept them in sports.”

Mayor Buttigieg attempted to touch a nerve of the Americans as he proposed to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Expressing his opinion on reducing the cost of prescription drugs, Buttigieg said, “Instead of siding with Americans, politicians have stood with Big Pharma, as they did when Congress barred the federal government from negotiating with pharmaceutical companies on drug prices for seniors. It’s time for a new era of leadership in Washington who will finally make drugs affordable and take on pharmaceutical companies.”

The costlier drug prescriptions have been a source of concern for many Americans and an easy way for the Democratic presidential candidates to lure the voters. Due to this expensive drug-prescription, the common person is either forced to skip the prescription or take smaller doses affecting nearly one-fourth of adults with chronic conditions.

Apart from the Pharmaceutical companies, the lengthy research trials and large supply chain are equally responsible for these costly drugs. However, the only drawback of such a plan is that the proposal does not include the establishment of an independent organization responsible for managing the cost of drug prescriptions.

The past week has been eventful due to the policies announced by the top Democratic presidential candidates. However, with the upcoming Democratic debate in Ohio, will the Democratic hopefuls register a growth in supporters on the basis of their proposed policies?

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