December 10, 2022

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Democratic Republic of Congo: Thousands flee after volcano erupts

Status: 23.05.2021 02:26 am

Nyragongo volcano erupts near the megacity of the Coma, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thousands of people are fleeing and the government has implemented an evacuation plan.

Thousands of people are fleeing the metropolitan area of ​​Coma after the eruption of the Nyaragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The blast caused panic among residents of the African city. Some of them fled to the border with nearby Rwanda. Authorities in Rwanda have now opened the border and allowed people to cross, a dpa news agency reporter said.

“Now the volcano is flowing towards the city center, which is similar to the eruption in 2002,” volcanologist Tario Tedesco told Reuters. At that time 250 people had died and about 120,000 were homeless. Lava people are said to have already reached the city’s airport. Volcanologist Tedesco said it was uncertain whether the volcanic population could infiltrate the city center or stop earlier. New fissures were opened in the volcano.

Authorities implemented an evacuation plan after the eruption of the Nairak volcano.


The government is implementing the eviction plan

The coma, with a population of about two million, is located near the Nyaragongo volcano, which erupted for the first time in almost 20 years. Authorities put out an evacuation plan for the city. Government spokesman Patrick Muayah wrote on Twitter that he had been executed.

Nyaragongo is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The volcanic laboratory in Coma on May 10 detected increased seismic activity in Nyaragongo.

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