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Democrats Demand Stricter Gun Reforms Following Multiple Mass Shootings

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Gun-related violence in different US states has recently increased. One of the major reasons behind assault using the deadly weapon is America’s easy access to guns. Since the only real restriction is an individuals’ age, the deadly mass shootings in the country have now become common. If the new gun reform legislation were to be introduced, will it prove helpful in mitigating life endangering threats? 

A pair of deadly mass shooting that took place in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio in the month of August brought huge controversies from the leaders across the world. The prosecutors, who called the gun violence an act of possible hate crime, noted that the gun shot killed more than 22 people in El Paso, and eight in Dayton.

In context of the deadly combination, Texas’ population experienced another heartbreaking incident on Saturday, when a man in his mid-30s started shooting the passengers and individuals on his way, after he was fired from his job. Thus, the lawmakers have finally decided to work on bringing gun reforms to end the violent killings throughout the country.

Hours after West Texas shooting, a series of new firearm laws went into effect in the state on Sunday. The new measures passed, further loosened gun restrictions in the state.

The critics of the government believed that the Republican controlled state would never allow tougher firearm laws in the country. They further argued that this in turn would affect the 2020 elections, as the hopefuls might get a voter backlash. The conservative gun rights proponents have thereby cautioned against new restrictions on the Second Amendment.

In any case, the upcoming debates will likely play an outsize role in races for the House. Observing the innocent killings due to gun violence, the Democrats have been planning to make this a major campaign issue.

On Friday, a tweet from the California Democrat’s “Team Pelosi” Twitter account named McConnell, said, “Gun violence requires immediate action, but Mitch McConnell is refusing to help the people.” Observing these tweets, Democrat Chuck Schumer tweeted to call for an end to gun violence and for McConnell to have the Senate take up the House background check bill once Congress returns.

As known, the gun reforms have always been considered the third rail of national politics for debates and not even the Democrats shied away from it when they held power in Congress. Endorsing tougher gun laws, many moderate House Democrats won races in 2018 midterms. Considering the past results, they are now making this an essential heading for the 2020 presidential elections.

The recent mass shootings have put more pressure on lawmakers to act. The public outrage has further worsened the situations. About 54 percent of Arizona voters believe that there should be stricter laws concerning ownership and sales of the guns. It is clearly apparent that longer the Republicans wait in bringing the stricter gun reforms, the more likely it is to become a driving issue for the 2020 race.


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