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Democrats to Make History with Gun Control Bills amid Statewide Protests

in Virginia

One of the key reasons for the Democrats’ historic win in 2019 Virginia State Elections was their continuous call for gun control bills. And now, two months later, the Democratic Party will be introducing multiple gun safety measures on Wednesday in the State Legislature.

However, it is no surprise that the efforts and calls for gun control have witnessed equal or more resistance, not only from the Republicans but also from the several counties of Virginia, which became second Amendment sanctuaries.

Virginia witnessed 12 shooting incidents last year that left 21 dead and 49 injured, excluding the shooters and four shooting incidents this year alone that left four injured.

Even though the numbers tell a horrific story and point to the immediate need of gun control bills, it is “a delight to see” that Virginians and residents from neighboring states are coming up together to protect the infliction and have been protesting against the gun safety measures, that might save their lives at some point.

Furthermore, the State Democrats’ are showing hasty attitude on introducing gun controls in the State legislature without discussing its possible impacts on the budget and resources of the state.

While the attempt can be to appease the voters before the presidential primaries and 2020 presidential elections, the hasty attitude surely amounts to more or equal work done by the Republicans and the gun lobbyist group to control gun violence.

On the other hand, after witnessing the defeat in the state elections, there is a speculation that the Republicans may introduce some gun control bills in a possible attempt to pave the road for President Donald Trump’s reelection and if fate favors paint the entire state red again.

As per credible sources, the State Democratic Party will be introducing measures like red flag laws; universal background checks for all gun sales except those among immediate family members, through inheritance or antiques and re-introduce Virginia’s one-handgun-per-month purchase policy.

The State Democrats will be looking forward to impose ban on large magazines; plastic or 3D printed guns; “bump stocks”; carrying certain loaded shotguns or rifles and limiting the sale of “assault firearms” that can shoot more than 10 rounds.

The State Democrats are also trying to resolve the misinformation surrounding gun control bills and the fact they violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

State Democrat Ken Plum, the longest serving member of the House of Delegates, said, “I don’t discount that at all. I recognize the Second Amendment is part of our constitution, and I don’t know of a single bill that would violate the Second Amendment.”

“I don’t know of a single bill that would take away guns from anybody except people who are violent people, so I think there’s a misunderstanding of the issue,” he added.

Seeing the current event, it remains unclear if the Democrats can enact the gun control bills without any further ado or not.

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