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Democrats Involve Alec Baldwin as Virginia Elections Nears

in Virginia

With imminent Virginia Elections, the members of the Virginia Democratic Party are leaving no stone unturned to ensure they form majority and get hold of the state legislature. Therefore, the Virginia Democrats have begun to call for celebrity power to garner more support in the upcoming elections.

The move can be considered significant as there remain less than 15 days remaining for state elections, the state Democrats, raising voice against gun control measures and the flow of tide against the state GOP members due to their abortion policies.

Additionally, the efforts of the Dem. Governor Ralph Northam to outshine the state in terms of clean energy can force the climate activists of the state to think about the change in scenario if the Democrats form majority in the State House and State Senate after winning the Virginia Elections.

The move of involving actor Alec Baldwin to promote the candidature of various Democratic candidates including Amanda Pohl points to the fact that the Democrats are fool-proofing their plan for majority in the State legislature. Pohl is running against the GOP member and Sen. Amanda Chase for state Senate in the suburban area of Richmond.

Speaking on the Senate race between Chase and Pohl, Baldwin also mentioned about the instance when Chase hurled abuse at the Capitol police officer who denied her, entry to the restricted area.

Along with promoting Pohl’s candidature, Baldwin also urged people to vote in the state elections as he made his way through various parts of Virginia. He was representing the advocacy group People for the American Way, which aims to support progressive candidates in the Virginia Elections.

The actor famously known for doing comic interpretations of the US President “Saturday Night Live” also claimed that the chances of having ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) approved, would improve significantly if the Democrats gain control of State House and State Senate in the upcoming elections.

On the other hand, the Republicans have termed the Baldwin a “C-list celebrity” and the Democratic candidates to be devoid of any success or feat that can ensure that voters will support the Democrats in the upcoming state elections.

Prior to the visit of Baldwin in Virginia to support the Virginia Democrats, People for the American Way said, “His visit comes as Virginia prepares for pivotal state legislative elections that could flip the General Assembly to Democratic control, solidifying a major political shift in this once deep-red state.”

With Virginia Elections less than two weeks away, the Democrats calling the celebrity power safeguards them from any attack from GOP members as the latter might attempt to shift the voters on their side, which is not possible otherwise.

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