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How Democrats Plan to Proceed For 2020 Elections Post US Midterm Elections Result?

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Since the 2016 election defeat, a good number of the House Democrats have exercised great caution in terms of public discussion of what they plan to achieve if they eventually regained control of the House after the US midterm elections.

Since the past week however, as the signs have become clear that the polls are swinging to their favor and with Nancy Pelosi the House Minority Leader coming out to project a victory this US midterm elections, the party have begun to reveal some of its plans now that they have regained the majority in the House.

The margins may not yet have been determined but, the Democrats have been tipped to get majority of the votes. This is in no small part thanks to the voters who have become unhappy with President Trump’s Administration. The first thing that the Democrats are slated to do is to highlight accountability and transparency.

An ethics reform package expected to embody proposals for voting rights and ethics, campaign finance reform and accountability will be the first important legislative effort to be undertaken. The Democrats have an expectation of introducing the new bill that is currently still being drafted, in the early stages of the new Congress. Reduction in the prices of prescription drugs and infrastructure are also considered as top priorities. Theoretically speaking, each of these topics do have a potential to cut across partisanship for cooperation. But of course, time will tell if that will actually become a reality.

The incoming chairs of all 21 House committees will at the same time try to reopen or press forward on new investigations that they may have felt were not properly treated or ignored during the era of Republican majority. This might put officials of the Trump administration under pressure and make them quite uncomfortable.

The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform which will possibly have Elijah Cummings a Rep. from Maryland as its chairman, is expected to lead the effort. All the committees that do have a section that is devoted exclusively to oversight will however, surely be included in this work in the long run. The judiciary commitee as well as the intelligence committee may play a major role and also, Ways and Means, because it has the authority to make a request of the tax returns of President Trump from Steve Mnuchin the Treasury Secretary.

Jerry Nadler a Democratic Rep. has given credence to these claims as he stated on Twitter that the results serves to indicate that “Americans are demanding accountability.”

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler said in a statement that the results are an indication that “Americans are demanding accountability from the government.” , which has been major agenda throughout US midterm elections.

While the new legislators do have the power to basically subpoena the president based on whatever answers they seek to get, Congress veterans such as Henry Waxman have however advised for restraint and a bit of tact in handling the whole situation.

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