December 9, 2022

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Deontay Wilder destroys Robert Helenius with a first-round KO

Deontay Wilder destroys Robert Helenius with a first-round KO

Deontay Wilder hands first round of KO to Robert Helenius!

They both feel for each other. Wilder shows left jab. Helenius pursues the body early. Wilder with a huge swing and miss that huge right hand. Wilder misses most of the hop and was pushed back by Helenius. They are still trying to get to know each other, moving around the ring very cautiously. And BOOM! Wilder knocks on Helenius as he moves on. No need to even count. Wilder does it with his right hand. Caught Helenes squirting in her face and it’s over!

Welcome back, Deontay Wilder!

Helenius, Wilder walking

Both men are in the ring and are introduced. here we are!

The main event is next

Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 knockouts), with 91 percent KO, returned to the ring for the first time since October 2021, when he suffered his second straight knockout to Tyson Fury. A match win over Robert Helenius (31-3, 20 KOs), Wilder’s former sparring partner, could propel him into a title fight. Let’s see if Wilder can add to the KO highlight reel.

Cultivate with Dirrell’s shimmering KO!

The aggressive Dirrell comes out swinging but is missing in several shots as he chases after an elusive plant. Moments later, Deryl’s perseverance pays off as he strikes. My God! A left hook sparkled and Dirrell fell with a stroke!! KO moment! Deryl got his feet wet before hitting the canvas! The plant points to a shovel, and dirt is dumped on Deryl’s grave to add insult to injury.

The factory’s KO shot is undeniable. Collapsed, waited and then came with a boom!

Love it Jake Paul.

There were a lot of verbal exchanges between Plant and Dirrell leading up to this fight, so you know the Plant is enjoying the ‘W.’ If there wasn’t enough clamor to battle Blunt against David Benavides, there will be now!

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Plant vs. Dirrell. Round 8

Blunt’s angle tells him to ignore the cheers of the crowd and stick to his game plan, which beats Deryl to take the win. The momentum of the plant forward pushes Dirrell lower, but it helps him. Ref resets the action where the plant lands with a correct hook and the duck is hurt coming from the other direction. Smooth boxing from the previous champion. Here comes more boos from the crowd. Daryl drops a right hook and the plant pushes him down near his neck. The referee could have taken a point for that. It kind of sounded like a suffocation from professional wrestling. They went up and Blunt went back to flipping Daryl with a cake. (10-9 plants, 78-74 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell. Round 7

The left meter hook connects to the plant via a Dirrell jaw. Both fighters still feel for each other. The Brooklyn, New York crowd feels like there’s a lull in the action and boos both boxers. Less than a minute left in the tour. Peek at the lands of the plant’s right hook. The left and right hook attachment assembly connects seconds later. (10-9 plants, 68-65 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell. Round 6

It’s no surprise that when Blunt is out and about, he’s in control. When Dirrell manages to grab the plant, he sneaks in the shots. Divide the plant Dirrell’s protector straight to the center using this left-hand punch once, twice, three times in a row with a difference of seconds. Dirrell returns to his corner after the round is over to rock the plant but the latter takes the round. (10-9 plants, 58-56 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell. Round 5

Factory pushes Dirrell back with a right hook. sharp output. The right hand lands for Dirrell moments later. Plant tries to play it as if it’s not bothered by it but seems to feel every part of that blow. This was followed by an outburst of Dirrell. Is the momentum swinging a bit? (10-9 dirells, 48-47 plants)

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Plant vs. Dirrell. Round 4

Another busy tour for Plant, though Dirrell also picks up his work. He’s perfectly seated on his right hand landing on top of the plant late in the round. (10-9 dirells, 39-37 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell. Round 3

Deryl yells at the reference about being reprimanded for punching in the back of the head. Deryl’s argument is that he’s acting aggressive. The plant responds seconds later by dumping a lightning-fast mixture. He forces Deryl Blunt to do his best as a WWE Superstar. Dirrell can get this fight dirty without getting dirty. Let’s see if he can find that balance. (10-9 plants, 30-27 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell. Round 2

Blunt, who is seven years younger than Deryl, is quicker to punch and start putting groups together. (10-9 plants, 20-18 plants)

Caleb Blunt vs. Anthony Dirrell. round 1

Cultivate with a quick stroke all the way to the body. A peek at the right hand lands and attracts Deryl’s attention as well. Dirrell traps planted in the front lock and sneaks some shots in. The left hook of the plant descends. Dirrell returns the beautiful with a right hook and another for good scale. Curiosity first round. (10-9 plants)

Shared main event on deck

Caleb Plant vs Anthony Dirrell is moments away. Both former middleweight champions, these two really don’t like each other. They hurled insults until this fight, which should finally decide who the better middleweight is. Factory gained confidence in winning rounds from Canelo Alvarez despite losing the fight last November.

Sanchez cracks in the ninth round TKO

Sanchez’s momentum was already starting to build from that sixth round and in the ninth, he brought down Negron by raising his right hand. The shot caused Negron to spin and land with his shoulders resting on the second ring ropes. Negron valiantly got back to his feet, but a bad left cross moments later turned his head and the referee wisely stopped him there. Good win for Sanchez.

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Solid sixth round for Sanchez

Cuban accumulates three minutes of stellar action while Negron holds powerful shots in groups.

No fireworks yet

Halfway through this 10-round fight, Negron tries to keep Sanchez away with a jab. Sanchez has better movement and dynamic punching, although he is very patient. He should let his hands go a little more here.

Weights take the ring

Frank Sanchez vs Carlos Negron is upon us.

Technical unanimous decision awarded to Emmanuel Rodriguez

The fight was stopped two seconds after the tenth round. A ringside doctor advised that the fight be sent to the scorecard due to the blow to the head and the cuts it had inflicted under Rodriguez’s eye. At that point, the judges had 100-90, 99-91, and 99-93 all in favor of Rodriguez, who dominated the fight. Strong display from Rodriguez, although the match referee was poor.

An unintended head fall, Rodriguez falls

Russell lunged forward and bumped their heads, sending Rodriguez to the plate at nine. Rodriguez certainly bore the brunt of that header.

Rodriguez Russell drops to eighth

The straight right hand drops Russell with the left again in the eighth round and Russell is badly hurt! He collapsed as a result of the shot. The reference checks it closely after the tour. He’d be hard pressed to finish this fight, judging by the way his legs looked.