February 2, 2023

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Despite being locked up in Shanghai: New infections are reaching a very high level in China

Despite being locked up in Shanghai
New epidemics have peaked in China

More than 13,000 new infections have been reported in China. This is the highest value since the first corona wave two years ago. Shanghai, the country’s largest city, is still locked up. To critics, this is proof that the city’s “zero Govt” strategy is not working.

The number of new corona infections in China is at an all-time high. As of this Sunday, the National Health Commission has registered 13,146 local infections. According to official statistics, most cases (11,691) are asymptomatic.

The government, meanwhile, reiterated its adherence to the “zero Govt” strategy. During a study visit to Shanghai, China’s Deputy Prime Minister Sun Sunlan stressed the “unattainable adherence” to the epidemiological strategy, which provides for rapid curfew orders, mass testing and isolation of even minor infectious strains.

The country’s largest city, Shanghai, is still locked up across the country. Nearly all of the more than 26 million people are only allowed to leave their homes for the Govt 19 trials. Sports halls and exhibition halls with thousands of beds have been set up across the city to isolate the victims.

Critics see Shanghai as another example of how China’s corona strategy will not work in the long run. At a very rare point in the People’s Republic, the city administration apologized Thursday, acknowledging that the city was not “adequately prepared” for the recent Corona eruption. Contrary to plans, officials justified the fact that apartments in the eastern part of the city were still sealed Friday, citing corona cases in the affected districts.

Recently, residents of Shanghai have expressed frustration over harsh curfew orders, dangerous food items and poor health conditions in isolated centers on social media in China.

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