February 3, 2023

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Despite the lack of big offers: Johnson: Putin will come out “save face”.

Even without the big offers
Johnson: Putin will come out “face to face”.

There has been a lot of talk about a “face-saving solution” to be offered to Putin in connection with the peace talks. British President Johnson considers it unnecessary. In Russia the state-controlled media will sell the withdrawal one way or another.

According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Russian President Vladimir Putin has the “political freedom” to end his invasion of Ukraine – thanks to censorship in Russia. The reason for this, Johnson told DocTV, was “Russia’s overwhelming support for his actions and the apparent oblivion of the Russian media.”

“People say we have to make concessions, we have to worry about what Putin will do because he will fail,” Johnson said. However, this is not necessary because Putin’s position of power is protected by his control over the media. As a result, Putin can tell the Russian people that the move in Ukraine is “complete” and “technically successful” – even if it is not true.

Russia describes its invasion of Ukraine as a “military operation” in which context terms such as “war” or “invasion” are banned in Russia. The Kremlin threatens to imprison anyone who spreads events other than the government version.

The Russian government has repeatedly warned of a nuclear war as a result of Western support for Ukraine. Despite these threats, Johnson’s Secretary of State Liz Truss argued that arms production and supply to Ukraine should be expanded. According to a preview of his speech to ambassadors and business leaders in London on Wednesday, “Ukraine’s fate is in balance.” So support for Kiev should be further increased. “Heavy weapons, tanks, planes – we need to dig deeper into our cargo and increase production.”

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