Detective Pikachu: What’s Known Hours Before the Release

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Last updated on May 11th, 2019

Pikachu, a cute Pokémon character, now set to play as a detective in the upcoming movie is drawing in a lot of attention worldwide. Often heard saying “pika-pika”, Pikachu and Ash are still fresh in our memory for fighting troublesome Pokémons attacking them.

As a piece of spectacular work, Warner Bros., a Motion pictures/entertainment company, have so nicely balanced the near impossible task of making the film appealing for the audience that extends from kids to nostalgic adults. Pokémon’s first-ever animated movie hit theaters in 1999, and did a marvelous job at attracting the audience. The movie would look to repeat the same feat upon its release on May 10.

Interestingly, to test the level of excitement, the Motion pictures company hit their fans with a ‘troll-ish’ treat. A link showcasing full movie is now available on YouTube, labelled like an illegal rip, the clip begins just as a normal movie, yet a 100-minute film only showcases Pikachu dancing to 80s workout music.

On the other hand, the movie in order to be more than a video game adaption, or a comic character also pays homage to the Pokémon, with a contrast that the character co-exists in the real world.

Detective Pikachu, is expected to earn big numbers, yet be challenged by the Marvels Endgame as it now enters its third week of the screening. The movie is expected to push its way and grab as much as it can with a $50 million–$55 million domestic opening weekend at 4,200-plus theaters.

The plot of the film revolves around a young hero is Tim (Justice Smith), an insurance agent who investigates his father’s sudden disappearance with Pikachu.

The bigger problem here is the level of popularity that the franchise enjoys with the general public. While the 90s generation has always fascinated catching monsters and keeping them inside their pockets, different blends in the movie are sure to bring in different reviews.

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