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Another Death Raises Questions on Reliability of Immigration Policies

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After the US immigration policies were introduced, questions were raised on its credibility and how reliable the plan of the government is.

As the migrants continue to seek refuge in the US for a better lifestyle, it is the migrants from MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, who have been severely affected, apart from the ones hailing from the Central American region.

After the current government changed the immigration policies in 2017, the prospects of migrants from Central American or MENA region were adversely affected. Moreover, these policies have claimed the lives of more than 30 innocent refugees that indicates towards a dire need to change these policies.

While some of the deaths at the detention centers are suspicious, forcing the world leaders and others to question the US immigration policies, many of these deaths have been due to inhumane and unhygienic conditions at the detention centers.

The latest death of 43-year-old Roylan Hernandez-Diaz in the detention center is a prime example. Hernandez-Diaz, a refugee from Cuba, had previously voiced his concerns regarding the inhabitable conditions.

He even wanted to undergo a hunger strike to draw attention towards the living conditions in the detention center, but failed.

According to the authorities, the Cuban asylum-seeker committed suicide at the Richwood Correctional Center in Louisiana, a private prison. The authorities have claimed that the ordeal, which Hernandez-Diaz had to endure during his immigration case, implored him to take such a drastic step.

He had passed the “credible fear” test corroborating his claims of being tortured or imprisoned if he is returned to the country.

Voicing questions on the US immigration policies and the manner of his death, his wife Yarelis Gutierrez said that he was asked to present more proofs of being persecuted in Cuba, even though the court did not allow him to be on parole until his case is resolved.

Gutierrez said, “He told me he was going to participate in a hunger strike because of the abuse he endured in detention. He never said he was going to hurt or kill himself. This is all news to me and I don’t believe it’s true.”

The statement of Hernandez-Diaz’s wife has raised more questions on his suicide, forcing people to think about the immigration policies introduced by the current administration and its impact in the past.

When such abhorrent policies were introduced in 2017, the administration also introduced an intolerant policy, prohibiting more than 50,000 refugees of Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.

Even though this is not the first time, a prisoner has died in the private prisons or since the beginning of this fiscal year, there is a high chance of these scenarios being investigated. Regular occurrence of such events might even force the authorities at global organizations to investigate them or take actions against such questionable policies.