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Detroit Democratic Debate Winner Joe Biden Leads in Survey Polls

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As the second round of Democratic Debates in Detroit ended on the last day of July, the winners remain satisfied with the qualifying number of contenders. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who performed very well in the second round of debate has now led to a 2-to-1 lead nationally over the next closest Democratic presidential contender.

A new survey denotes that Joe Biden has become an important contender amongst the Democrats, who have been supporting him with 34 percent. Senator Bernie Sanders, who became the winner of first round of debates, which took place on July 30 in Detroit alongside Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has the support of 17 percent Democrats.

It appears that the survey was conducted to know the opinions of the other Democrats after viewing the contenders’ performances in the debates. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who faced intense criticisms over her policies in the second round of debates, is placed third by the Democrats with 9 percent support.  

The first round winner Warren got 8 percent support in the conducted survey. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke and Sen. Cory Booker received 4 percent, 3 percent and 2 percent support respectively.

Since Joe Biden received the highest support amongst the Democratic hopefuls, there are chances that he might become the Democratic face for the 2020 presidential elections in the country. Although nothing can be concluded until the next round of debates that would take place on September 12 and 13.

The political analysts believe that the Democratic voters are more in sync with Joe Biden’s views than any other candidates and thus he might remain a front-runner in status. They also believe that his loss would be a result of circumstances as there are chances that some of the respondents might not have viewed the second night of debate, when Biden appeared.

Throughout the debate, it appeared that Biden was prepared to deal with all the criticisms and backlashes related to healthcare policies and hence emerged as the winner of the second night. Post that he has been in a strong position with about 46 percent Democrats viewing him as the best candidate to defeat the Republican face.

Around 15 percent of Democrats believe that Sanders has the best chance of winning and 47 percent of them believe that they wanted to nominate a candidate, whom they thought had the strongest winning chances, while 12 percent agreed for a candidate who shares their positions. About 36 percent of them said they value both kinds.

Apart from the Democratic opinions, Joe Biden has been listed under the top three candidates’ checklist. Healthcare and immigration policies, which has made the border crisis the top issue for Democratic voters as of now.

Despite the intense performances by the Democratic hopefuls, which clearly portrayed their strong desire to appear as winners, the probability of who would appear as the winner remains uncertain.

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