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How Long Can Directioners Expect the Boys Separated?

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Last updated on March 14th, 2019

A boy band that had once given serious friendship goals to the entire world; One Direction is now in a situation that is hard to believe for their fans. Five exceptional artists of the band parted their ways few years ago, promising a reunion to their admirers. However, a source close to the band exclusively revealed that “the guys are not talking about getting the band back together, and so there will be no One Direction reunion any time soon”.

Members of the band – Zayn Malik (26), Niall Horan (25), Liam Payne (25), Louis Tomlinson (27) and Harry Styles (25) – parted in two steps, while the ‘Directioners’ have been waiting for them be on stage together since their last performance in December 2015. However, the boys are reportedly prioritizing their solo careers “with no time to set aside to get back together right now”.

The source also highlighted that the solo records are not the only reason for the extended period of separation, but its also “some bad blood” between the boys. It is being considered that until the differences are resolved, the “hurt feelings” will keep coming in their work, music and tours.

The clashes in the band were speculated to have emerged soon after Zayn’s split from the band in 2016, which seem to have just grown since then. It was also reported that the boys were “offended by some of the lyrics in some of Zayn’s solo work”.

The main disputes have emerged between Zayn and Louis, where the two first indulged into an argument on Twitter. Even recently, a single in Bradford boy’s Icarus Falls album, “Good Years” – supposed to be about Zayn’s time with the band – led to something that the Directioners were not expecting. Tomlinson after the release tweeted, “I’m proper confused. What a hypocrite!” and the fans were quick to perceive it as his aggression towards Zayn.

Moreover, recently Louis himself confirmed about their mounted clashes and expressed his disappointed about Zayn’s absence when he lost his mom. Last week on The Dan Wootton Interview Louis admitted, “All the boys had agreed to come to that performance, and he didn’t show so that really bugged me.”

The source said that it had “sent a big message to the rest of the guys who were present for Louis about how Zayn feels about them all”.

While the band remains separated, the Directioners are still waiting for them to reunite. But it is being asserted that the differences have made it difficult. Besides, if they do not sit and talk about it, things wouldn’t get normal that easy.

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