February 2, 2023

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Displacement: “This is a call to asylum fraud”

Germany Migration

“This is a call for asylum fraud”

Belarus is using refugees to threaten the EU

More and more immigrants from Belarus enter Brandenburg via Poland illegally. The European Union (EU) has accused Belarusian ruler Lukashenko of targeting the EU and smuggling refugees into the country. The goal is to exert political pressure.

Germany is a major destination for people seeking protection in Europe. Thousands of people from Syria and other countries fly to Belarus and travel to the Federal Republic. The union has been critical of the Transport Light Alliance’s plans for asylum policy.

D.The number of first-time asylum seekers in Germany will cross 100,000 in 2021 for the ninth year in a row. By the end of September, 100,278 migrants had already submitted an initial application to the Central Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). This means that Germany is the most important destination for asylum seekers in Europe.

Behind them are France (41,799), Italy (37,492) and Austria (22,928), with 54,105 asylum applications in the first three quarters of the current year. These figures from European asylum agency EASO are exclusively available to WELT AM SONNTAG.

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More immigrants from Turkey are now reaching faraway Italy than from nearby Greece.

In September, 13,849 applications were submitted in Germany. Since November 2017, there is only one month with increased asylum migration, January 2019. In addition to long-term illegal migration via Italy, Greece and Spain, a new route has been added from the summer via Belarus. August 4,900 were found on the German-Polish border alone, who had entered Germany illegally via Peters and Poland. The trend is still growing. “

So far, most immigrants have flown to Belarus via Turkey, but flights directly from Siro to Minsk have now also been discovered, as Weld AM Sondak learned from Europol circles. Here it says: “Belarus’ new visa facilities will boost illegal entry efforts into the EU from mid-October.”

Belarus now offers 90-day tourist visas to people from Pakistan, Egypt and Jordan. So far, large numbers of people have come there, especially from Iraq, and then they formed the largest group of people who came to Germany.

Unauthorized entry of asylum seekers should not be blocked by border police because the required standard border restrictions are considered dangerous by the federal government to “Europe of open internal borders”. The Federal Police said: “The German-Polish border is an internal Schengen border that can be crossed at any time.” The illegal entrants are being tested to determine if it is a “stay stop action”. May be launched. “If security had been demanded, there would be no way to do so at present.”

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Naturalization Festival 2018 in Berlin

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In the future the ruling Transport Light Alliance will make it easier for rejected asylum seekers to change lanes in the labor market, thus creating opportunities for legal permanent residence. The union has been critical of this. According to Thorston Frey (CDU), “the change of route demanded by all traffic light parties is equivalent to the task of migration control”. It’s a call to asylum fraud, ” says the union’s deputy in charge of the Bundestag, which is responsible for the displacement.

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