December 5, 2022

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“Do not be afraid of war”: Hizbullah warns of seriousness

“Do not be afraid of war”
Hezbollah warns of seriousness

It is not uncommon for rockets to fly from Lebanon to Israel. On Thursday, the battered neighbor sent the Air Force a response – for the first time in years. When Hezbollah fired again, the rocket launcher was stopped by angry villagers.

In the wake of recent exchanges with Israel, Lebanon warns of the intensification of Shiite militia Hezbollah. In a televised speech on Saturday evening, General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah said, “What has happened in the last few days is a very dangerous development that has not happened in 15 years.” Hezbollah does not want to go to war. “But we’re ready for it. We’m not scared about it.”

Nasrallah justified Friday’s rocket attack on Israeli territory aimed at ensuring a balance of power. Like Hezbollah, which has close ties to Iran, the Israelis have dropped bombs in the open. Hezbollah initially spoke of “retaliation.”

Held by Israeli fighter pilots The previous day it had hit targets in southern Lebanon. According to Israeli sources, this was again in response to a rocket attack from Lebanon. So far no one was injured. Angry villagers reportedly stopped the truck with a rocket launcher and confiscated it after Friday’s Hezbollah attack. The video of the incident has been circulating on social media.

Hezbollah said the attack took place in a forested area far from residential areas to ensure the safety of civilians. “Extreme care has been taken” to avoid harming people during the “resistance” and will continue to do so.

The Lebanese military says it has arrested four suspects in connection with attacks on a neighboring country. Hezbollah enjoys great support, especially among Shiites living in southern Lebanon. The fact that it is better equipped than the Lebanese military is causing outrage in other parts of the population. Israel and Lebanon are officially at war. There will always be tension at the border.

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