December 5, 2022

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Dodgers points vs. Padres: San Diego takes 111 wins with NLDS Game 4 Rally

Dodgers points vs. Padres: San Diego takes 111 wins with NLDS Game 4 Rally

The San Diego Padres made a furious comeback late in the first half and knocked out the top-seeded Los Angeles Dodgers from the playoffs with a 5-3 win in Game 4 of the National League Series Saturday night. In doing so, they won the series, 3-1, in a surprising fashion. The series win means the Padres will be in the NLCS for the first time since 1998, where they will face the Phillies.

In Game 4, Padres trailed for most of the game after Dodgers finally hit some good time in the second set to lead 2-0. That lead grew to 3-0 at the top of seventh place thanks to Will Smith’s fly. However, at the bottom of the seventh, Padres returned to the five-stroke board and took the lead that San Diego, almost perfect in the series, would hold.

Now for some takeaways from Interlude 4 game.

The seventh inning should have been remembered for Padres

Going to the bottom of seventh, Padres trailed 3-0 and only had a 10.8 percent chance of winning Game 4, per base win prediction. Then they started working against the dodgy Bullpen. Here’s the knockout:

  • Gorekson Provar walks.
  • Trent Gresham singles and Austin Nola singles.
  • Yensei Almonte comforts Tommy Kanley.
  • Ha-Sung Kim doubles, scores the first half.
  • Singles Juan Soto, single run scores.
  • Mani Machado comes out.
  • Brandon Drury exits.
  • Alex Vezia relieves Almonte 1-0.
  • Soto steals second base.
  • Jake Cronenworth does this:

This made it 5-3, and that 10.8 percent chance of Padres winning became a 90.2 percent chance of Padres winning. Given the status of Padres’ “little brother” when it comes to the Dodgers and given the stakes, it’s no exaggeration to call this one of the biggest roles in the Padres franchise’s history.

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Pauline Padres has done the job again

Yes, the San Diego relief team allowed their first run of the series after taking on the role of rookie Joe Musgrove, but it didn’t come in any credible form (the Dodgers pushed through a run against Stephen Wilson at the top of the small ball seventh). After Padres grabbed the lead, the Bulls made the final six finals without any drama. Padre’s pen got into Game 4 with these numbers through the first three games of the NLDS: 13 IP, 5H, 0R, 15 SO, 4 BB. On Saturday, they allowed one run in three rounds, giving them an ERA of 0.56 for the series. That’s the kind of comfort you need to win in the post-season these days.

Tyler Anderson handed over to the Dodgers

The 32-year-old lefty remains the Dodgers’ quiet savior. Armed with an improved tone mix and a modified shift grip, Anderson had a career year in 2022: 2.57 ERA and 4.06 K/BB in 178 high team innings. On Saturday, he made the biggest start to the Dodgers season, spinning five goalless runs with six hits, two walks and allowing two hits. At one point, Anderson retired nine in a row. That’s in line with the way Anderson handled Padres in 2022. During the regular season, he made four games against Padres and thrived across those 24 innings combined: 1.88 ERA, no unearned runs allowed, 15 hits, 16 strikes, six runs, . 502 OPS vs.

The Great Dodger Season ends in disappointment

During the regular season, the Dodgers came close to 111 wins and put up a running difference of plus-334 – both marks of success as two of the best marks in MLB history. The October three losses shouldn’t fall short of what was composed across 162 games, but the truth is that the Dodgers will be remembered again for shortening the post-season. Dave Roberts’ club has won 217 games over the past two regular seasons without an episode to display.

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NLCS . has been set

Padres and Philadelphia Phillies will be in the NLCS. A best-of-seven match starts Tuesday in San Diego with a trip to the world championships on the line. By the way, the Padres team did not win the world championship. During the regular season, the Phillies won four of their seven head-to-head games against San Diego and beat them 21–15 in those competitions.