November 29, 2022

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Does Germany Have Three Goals in Putin’s Eyes?

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In the war in Ukraine, the scenario of a nuclear war in 2022 is trotted out again and again. A possible target for Russian President Vladimir Putin: Germany.

BERLIN – Words and thoughts ring above all else. Fear with them: The war in Ukraine is far from the people in Germany right now. At least actual war events. But with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin recently re-entered the spotlight with a bizarre joke, you never know what’s coming. So the term Nuclear War 2022 keeps ringing.

Question of interest: Will Vladimir Putin will start a nuclear war in 2022 Or play with its power? More recently, Christophe Heusken, chairman of the Munich Security Conference, was skeptical Putin’s Nuclear Threat ‘Primarily Aimed at Germany’. Because of influence Germany And this Politics Exercise. To inspire fear. It is growing.

Because for all the talk of a possible nuclear war in 2022, the danger Russia and its president pose to Germany actually seems more real than some imagine. At least that’s one statement Glass outside. Accordingly, Russia is said to be speculating about a nuclear strike against Germany. Or at least assumed.

51 percent of Germans believe nuclear war is possible in 2022 – 37 percent expect Putin to attack Germany

Flashback: April 2022 said Olaf ScholesWhen it came to whether or not it was the Russian president Vladimir Putin World War III may break out: “I am doing everything to prevent an escalation leading to World War III.” In 2022, Scholz added to his statement regarding nuclear war: “There must be no nuclear war.” But only one fear Nuclear War 2022 – NATO Prepares for Emergency – Can’t be rejected or debated: According to the current CV survey Glass 51 percent of German citizens worry that a nuclear war could break out in 2022.

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In the event of a nuclear war in 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin could also attack Germany – which reportedly has three goals. © ZUMA Wire/Imaego

In a Civey poll, 57 percent of Germans think Ukraine would be a Russian target in the event of a nuclear war. But: 37 percent of citizens in Germany think that Germany can achieve the Russian goal. Nuclear war 2022 – it will threaten the world – Maybe. According to a survey by the Bundeswehr Center for Military History and Social Science in the summer, 42 percent of Germans fear a nuclear war in 2022. Germany is believed to be the target of Vladimir Putin’s attack. “We are back to Cold War logic,” Hughes told the media Newspaper Group Bavaria.

Fears of nuclear war in 2022: Ex-Merkel adviser warns of attack on Germany – Russian radio news mentions three possible targets

Why is it possible to attack Germany in a nuclear war in 2022? Because the Americans had made the Kremlin very clear Use of nuclear weapons And a nuclear war in 2022 could have catastrophic consequences for Russia, says a former Merkel adviser. “I can’t imagine there are suicidal Russian generals carrying out such an order,” the Russians say aloud, referring to the scenario of a nuclear war in 2022. Glass A nuclear strike against Germany has already been discussed. Because: Chancellor Olaf Scholes’ (SPD) statement that he wants to prevent escalation and that there should be no World War III should be loud. Glass Information from many Western secret services may have preceded it.

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As stated therein Glasses Multiple sources from security sources have confirmed that Western intelligence services intercepted Russian Navy radio communications from a maneuver in the Baltic Sea in late 2022. It was loud before Glass Rumors circulated that Putin had threatened Scholes over the phone with a nuclear strike against Germany. Scholze denies this. In radio messages intercepted by the Russian navy, three targets in Germany were named for nuclear war in 2022: first the federal capital Berlin, then the US air base at Ramstein and the Bechel air base where the Americans store their nuclear weapons.

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