December 5, 2022

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Donald Trump Family: The book reveals “inappropriate relationships” with secret service agents

List of books by any former president Donald Trump And his family has long been unwell. Now it has grown to another title. In “Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service,” Washington Post journalist Carol Leoning looks behind the scenes at the U.S. agency, which also provides personal security for presidents and their families. According to the book, Leoning handles the mismanagement of the Secret Service Barack Obama As well as under Trump. In the latter case, the title made headlines even before the book was published.

Two family members of the former president are said to have “come in inappropriately – and perhaps dangerously – closely” with the bodyguards, Leoning writes. Guardian And this Washington Post According to. Both newspapers had already read the book. It will also be available in US stores from Tuesday.

According to the Guardian, Leoning writes in his book that secret service agents have leveled allegations against Vanessa Trump. According to bodyguards, Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.’s wife, “began dating one of his family’s designated agents.” Vanessa Trump filed for divorce in March 2018.

Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump is also accused of having a personal relationship with an agent in the book. After parting ways with her boyfriend, she reportedly “spent an unusually long time alone with an intelligence agent.”

According to book reviews, Lioning writes that the head of the agency was concerned about “how close Tiffany seemed to be to the tall, dark and beautiful agent”.

Trump wanted to get rid of “fat” bodyguards

Secret service agents are prohibited from having personal relationships with the persons they are supposed to protect. The reason for this is the concern that such a relationship will adversely affect their judgment.

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According to Tiffany Trump, the agent later reappointed a new post, according to the Guardian, Leoning writes. Both the Secret Service employee involved and Tiffany Trump have denied the allegations.

So it is not clear whether Donald Trump himself was informed about the rumors. However, according to Leoning, he made several attempts to remove agents that he thought were overweight or too small. “I do not like these fat people in my service,” Trump was quoted as saying. “How are you going to protect me and my family if you can’t run down the street?”

In the 487-page book, not only does it investigate rumors of relationships with Leoning agents. He documents many cases in which bodyguards could not guarantee the safety of their bodyguards.