Don’t read this unless you want a spoiler about the ‘THIS IS US’ season finale

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Have you ever watched a sitcom where one of the characters comes back to life? It happens more often than you think, and This Is Us is using one of these sitcom tricks. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the spoiler!

“The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning” episode aired on Tuesday, and fans haven’t stopped talking about it. If you are a This Is Us fan, then you will remember Pearson who had a terrible, tragic death a few years ago. Well, guess what?  Pearson somehow managed to avert the tragedy.

Which Pearson are we talking about?

You can stop reading this article right now.  And if you don’t, you cannot blame us. We’re not referring to Jack Pearson who had that horrible heart attack.  Because how do you come back to life after a fatal heart attack? We are talking about Nicky, the younger brother who died in the Vietnam War. It’s easier to bring someone back to life after a war, right? Well, we’ve found Nicky.

Yes, Nicky may have survived the Vietnam War. This is in spite of the facts that the boat that he was on was bombed to smithereens, he drowned and everyone looked for him for ages. Was he alive? Could he have made it? Nope, Nicky was definitely dead.

Well. Maybe not! As the finale episode has shown.

Nicky is alive and well, and the rest of the Pearsons are going to have to get used to it. Jack also has a fair amount of explaining to do. Was he really in mourning for Nicky? Has he been playing a terrible game?

The beauty about sitcoms is that the viewers forget from one episode to the next what actually happened. And we all know that this is a fantasy story, even though we get really attached to the characters. We all know that in a sitcom, anything can happen.  And ‘anything’ has just happened in This Is Us.

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