December 10, 2022

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Drake did not compromise with anti-vaccine agents

Mario Draghi It prevails when he believes that the welfare of his country is at stake. The Italian Prime Minister has introduced 3G duty to all 23 million employees in Italy, without compromising with vaccine opponents. Those who fail to prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested can be suspended from work after five days without pay, but they will not lose their jobs.

Drake’s approach has always been the same: he explains his intentions and intentions to members of the coalition, and offers some concessions, but is harsh on the matter. Through the 3G rule, Tragi not only wants to increase the vaccination rate, but also to protect Italy from closing in the winter, thus safeguarding economic recovery and growth.

At a press conference, Drake defended himself as an oral presenter. He was satisfied with the execution of a short sentence: “This order helps us to open more.” The average Italian has long understood and admired such leaders.

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