December 5, 2022

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Drug War in Mexico: Killers Dismember Bodies and Leave a Message | news

The drug war in South America has been waged with brutal violence for decades. Now police in Mexico have found four gruesomely mutilated bodies — and the perpetrators have left a brutal message.

According to local media reports, three men and a woman were found lying on the edge of a federal road near Iguala, a city of 110,000 people. An anonymous whistleblower contacted authorities, who made the gruesome discovery around 8 a.m. local time on Friday.

Grim news for drug dealers

The bodies were dismembered. Next to the woman’s head was a yellow cardboard sign with the following message:

“To Luis Vincent Calderon James or Vicho Cachets: That bitch had more guts than you. Feel free to send me more. I’ve already tracked you down and destroyed your party. I’m waiting for you and you’ll hear from me soon! Sincerely, The Big Cock”

Heavily armed police are on security duty at the place where the bodies are lying. The whistleblower preferred to remain anonymous, possibly fearing for his life

Photo: Police

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It is not yet known who the victims are. They may be involved in the drug trade. According to unconfirmed reports, the four dead are believed to belong to La Bandera, a group close to the Guerreros Unidos cartel.

“Los Tlacos” killers may be responsible for the bloody deed. It is a quasi-surveillance group that is in no way inferior to drug dealers in terms of brutality.

Drug wars kill tens of thousands of people every year

The drug war has intensified in Mexico since the 1980s. On the one hand there are government organizations like police and army. They are supported by monitoring groups. It is fought by numerous cartels fighting among themselves.

The result: violent cyclones spiral out of control, claiming 33,410 lives in the past year alone, according to official figures. Since 2000, the death toll has been in the hundreds of thousands. Another 90,000 people have gone missing.

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