September 28, 2022

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Due to Putin’s media law: dictatorship controls important functions

Because of Putin’s media law
Tiktok controls important functions

Vladimir Putin’s media law is spreading: dictatorship is restricting its service in Russia, as changes have been made in the law on imprisonment for statements other than the official depiction of the war in Ukraine.

The online network Dictac has suspended its video operations in Russia due to Russian legislation against the spread of “fake news” about the war of aggression in Ukraine. “Until we explore the potential security implications for TicTac employees and users, we have no choice but to stop streaming and uploading new content (…),” the company said. So you can continue to use the messenger service, but the network is very popular for videos.

In the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed a law providing for harsher imprisonment for unfavorable statements against the Russian military. Spreading false news about the military is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Foreigners are also affected by the law. Putin and the Russian government describe the war of aggression in Ukraine as a special operation.

According to a recent study by Insider Intelligence, Russian dictator users had about 24.7 million accounts by the end of 2021. A Deloitte study released in September 2021 found that about 30 percent of Russians interested in video content on online networks use Dictoc. Russian officials have previously announced that they will completely shut down TicTac rival Facebook and restrict access to Twitter. Unlike other social media sites, Dictac does not come from the United States, but from the Chinese group Bydens.

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