December 5, 2022

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Due to the new isolated duty: 27,000 British vacationers leave Portugal

Due to the new isolated duty
27,000 British vacationers leave Portugal

British holidaymakers are outraged when Prime Minister Johnson briefly reintroduces the isolated need for returnees from Portugal. So about 27,000 tourists packed their suitcases. London justifies this move with the spread of delta mutation.

About 27,000 British vacationers left Portugal on weekends and Mondays in response to a new ten-day duty of corona isolation at home. The “Peplico” newspaper quoted the president of the Algarve Regional Tourism Association in the south of the country. The BBC reports that many have complained about the need to reduce their vacations and book expensive alternative flights. “Putting the country on the green list first and then removing it after three weeks is unbelievable,” the BBC quoted a holiday producer as saying after arriving at London Gatwick Airport.

Three weeks later, the British government removed the popular holiday destination from the lush list of countries to visit when it returned without the need for isolation. The new rule went into effect at 4am UK time on Monday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has justified the move, which has drawn criticism from tourists in both countries, with concerns over the further spread of the delta variant of the first identified corona virus in India. Corona numbers in Portugal. Although the delta variant is already predominant in Great Britain, only a few cases have been reported in Portugal.

In January, Portugal temporarily had the highest number of epidemics in the world in terms of population. The country went into a severe corona lockdown and the number of infections dropped rapidly. Recently, however, the numbers have risen slightly again. Seven Day Events There are currently 40 new infections per 100,000 people within a week.

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