February 2, 2023

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Earthquake in Crete today: Largest Greek island hit by sea – Is there a risk of a tsunami?

  • This is the third time in a very short time Crete A Earthquake Shock
  • October 12, two weeks after a devastating earthquake in Crete. Another Earthquake The Greek Holiday Island Met
  • Too much Today Again – Ann Tuesday, October 19
  • People in villages along the Turkish coast have also been affected Earthquake I was startled
  • how is it Current situation?

Earthquake in Greece today: The island of Crete was affected by the seas

Another quake is in Greece Island of Crete And Places Took over the southwest coast of Turkey. That 6.1 Richter earthquake Occurred on Tuesday morning. As pointed out Athens Institute of Earth Dynamics Performances, the quake should have occurred at 8:30 a.m. (local time). The Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics Gives a magnitude of 5.9 for an earthquake.

Where was the epicenter of the sea quake from Crete and கற்பதோஸ் ?

That Center It was about 130 kilometers southeast of such islands Crete And கற்பதோஸ் Removed in Further. The Turkish civil defense agency Afad announced a distance of 155 kilometers from Turkey Beach. Initially, nothing was known about the damage.

According to the Athens Geodynamic Institute, the epicenter was 544 kilometers from Athens, 127 kilometers from Karpathos and 805 kilometers from Thessaloniki.

Earthquake in Greece today: No tsunami alert for Crete at present

Greek seismologist Ethimios Legas concluded Damage From: There was an earthquake Eastern Mediterranean Occurred at a depth of 58.5 km, so that too There is no risk of a tsunami Yes, he told the Greek newspaper “To Proto Thema” on Tuesday morning. However, the quake confirms the increased seismic activity currently in the area.

Where are the seismic areas in Baden-Wர்டrttemberg and what is the magnitude and Richter scale?

Video Earthquake Crete: There are posts on Twitter

There is a video showing a store on Twitter Earthquake in Crete Suffers. Items can be seen falling off the shelf:

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Earthquake in Turkey today: Places off the coast of Turkey affected by the earthquake

Not only that Greek island CreteBut some parts of Turkey are dated from the younger ones Earthquake Affected. The Turkish Civil Defense Agency announced that Afat was 155 kilometers off the coast of Turkey. At first nothing was known about the damage Earthquake In Turkey The following article provides:

Coastal cities are currently shaken by a weak earthquake

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes Crete

First Last week Was Tremor The Size 6.3 near Crete Startled people; It was about 400 kilometers, up to the Greek capital Athens To feel. Three weeks ago, one person was killed in a similar strong earthquake in Crete.

Earthquake in Europe and the World: Where is the last earthquake?

  • A Earthquake The Strength 4.8 Sunday evening, 17.10.21, Albania Shock and fear for many. The epicenter was reported 55 kilometers northwest of the capital, Tirana, according to the ESMC. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Residents of large cities were fleeing their homes and apartments for fear of further earthquakes. According to the newspaper “Gazeta Shqiptare” there were no initial reports of damage.
  • The Canary Island La Palma Badly affected by someone Volcanic eruption: Affected area in the Gumbe Vija range in the south La Palmas Meanwhile on Sunday, 10/17/21, again in the dozen counts Earthquake Shock. Tremors of magnitude 4.6 were not significant, according to officials, and continued at depths of more than 30 kilometers. Danger However, according to experts, they mention it Volcano Will be active for some time.
  • During the earthquake on the Indonesian holiday island Polly On Saturday, October 16, 21, three people were killed and seven were injured. No further deaths were expected, according to the Disaster Management Authority. With the starting point of the earthquake Strength 4.8 It was located at a shallow depth of ten kilometers northeast of the Banjar Wildlife Sanctuary. That Center The quake was far from the main tourist attractions of the island. Bali’s International Airport opened on Thursday for overseas flights only.
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