December 10, 2022

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Election campaign in France: Candidate Pécresse wants to “clean up the neighborhood”

Election campaign in France
Candidate Pécresse wants to “clean the neighborhood”

Valerie Beckres, during the presidential election campaign in France, presented herself as a head of state who wanted to take drastic action against crime. In doing so, he emotionally seeks out Sarkozy’s controversial statement. Reports should impress a competitor’s voters.

French presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse of the Conservative Republican Party is on a rampage against drugs and crime. “Today is the time to clean up the surroundings,” he said. “We must find the thugs, the thugs, the criminals and the merchants, and they must be persecuted and punished and their citizenship revoked.”

“I’m unleashing Carcher again,” the 54-year-old was quoted as saying by his party colleague and former president, Nicolas Sarkozy. In 2005, as Minister of the Interior, he announced that the problems of socially backward environments would be solved by a high-pressure cleaner. “Franானois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron have to leave the cellar for ten years and reopen the car,” the Conservative said. Socialist Hollande replaced Sarkozy as president in 2012, and Macron became head of state in 2017.

In particular, Pécresse has in mind the creation of 20,000 additional detention centers and the establishment of pre-test detention centers in “abandoned buildings”. The military can be used for “safe areas” in cities. The Conservative presidential candidate said the French wanted “immediate results” because “we are in a crisis of power.”

In early December, Republicans surprisingly nominated Pécresse as their presidential candidate. In opinion polls, their popularity and thereby their chances of reaching the second round of the current presidential election against Macron have risen sharply. Conservatives, meanwhile, are almost always on par with right-wing extremist Eric Jemmour and right-wing populist Marine Le Pen.

Not only in terms of content, Beckress also made it clear that he now wants to destroy the electorate of his opponents even further on the right: Beckress made his first big appearance in the two southern constituencies that Le Pen had in the new year. Lots of support over the years.

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