September 27, 2022

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Elections 2022: Ticker for the run-off election in France: Results and reactions to read

The second round of elections in France in 2022 will determine whether Macron will continue as president or be replaced by Le Pen. You can read all the upgrades in Live Ticker.

Liberal Emmanuel Macron against right-wing populist Marine Le Pen: not only France Today marks the 24th of April for the 2022 run-off election that will determine the political course of the country. You can follow all the improvements, predictions and results in live ticker here from 3pm on Sunday.

Second election in France 2022: Live ticker

The war between Macron and Le Pen in the French presidential election

In France, people can vote directly for the next president every five years. The first ballot was held on April 10 with several candidates.

Emmanuel Macron (N. Marche) received the most votes with 27.85 percent of the vote. However, he will again face Marine Le Pen (Russemblement National) in the second round on April 24, as he needs to reach an absolute majority. He came in second with 23.15 percent of the vote in the first round.

In 2017, there was a fight between Macron and Le Pen in the second election in France. The Liberals then won with 66.1 percent of the vote. In 2022, a much tighter result of the election is expected.

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Le Pen’s election campaign was worse and more downward than it had been five years ago, targeting frustrated voters in Macron. The victory for the right-wing populist will have a significant impact on France’s cooperation with Germany, the European Union and NATO. In the past, Le Pen pursued a pro-Russian policy. Even after the start of the war in Ukraine, he campaigned for NATO to come closer to Russia once the war was over.

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In the second election in France on April 24, 2022, polling stations will remain open until 8 p.m. Forecasts and forecasts are followed after a while. Results are expected the next morning – April 25th. You can read all the interim results, developments and reactions in Live Ticker. (sge)