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Elizabeth Warren Emerges at Top after the First Democratic Debate

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The first Democratic debate for the 2020 elections, which took place in Miami on Wednesday night, did not disappoint at all. The debate witnessed Sen. Elizabeth Warren emerging as the top contender.

Massachusetts Senator Warren dominated the entire debate with her sharp, energetic and standing above the fray outlook. The night saw Warren making most of the debate and appearing as a lone top competitor for the upcoming elections.

The event witnessed some of the strongest Democratic hopefuls, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, debating on various issues.

However, within 30 minutes of the Democratic debate, Warren emerged as one of the foremost candidates for the 2020 presidential elections with her assertive, concise and satisfying answers.

Warren started the debate with some of the prime concerns, which every American faces nowadays. She not only talked about the misdemeanor of the corporate world and promoted her policy of “Medicare for All”, but also condemned the health insurance companies for their unjustified overcharging. 

The debate also saw former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro getting better of the other Democratic hopefuls. It is also believed that he might receive raise of supporters for his campaign as his detailed knowledge of the immigration issue helped him to outshine others.

The Democratic debate saw all but Castro, Warren and Mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio struggling and failing to make a mark among the crowd present.

The night also saw President Trump and his re-election campaign not being the central topic of the debate, even though his name popped up during some of the questions. The candidates focused on their candidature instead of demeaning Trump.

The major focus of attention in the debate was the part when Warren was successful in avoiding the image of an extremely impractical white-collar person as she gave an emotional and sensitive answer on gun control and ended the debate on her part with reference to her upbringing in Oklahoma.  

While the first Democratic debate gave an opportunity to see the perspective of the presidential candidates, it also gave a boost to some of the hopefuls for their future campaigns before the elections. With America achieving new depths of digress in many aspects under Trump’s tenure, it might help the American citizens to decide and elect a better candidate to resolve their ongoing issues.


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