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Elizabeth Warren Needs More Preparation after Ohio Debate Defeat

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Prior to the Ohio Debate, the prime objective of the 12 Democratic hopefuls was to outshine their Democratic rivals and emerge victorious in the debate, so as to garner maximum supporters.

However, when the Democratic candidates came together for the fourth Democratic debate at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, no one could have imagined that things would go downhill for Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the debate.

The Massachusetts Sen. was under attacks for her Medicare for All policy and if the middle-class citizens will see a rise in taxes to support the policy. Warren tried to parry those questions, but remained unsuccessful.

During the Ohio debate, Warren also made a controversial statement claiming that if elected, her administration would ensure that the US military presence is withdrawn from the entire Middle East region.

While, Warren has previously expressed desire to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, her statement on removal of the entire US military gave a leverage to her Democratic opponents and even the Republicans. It certainly won’t be long before the statement adversely affects her presidential campaign and her support amongst the masses.

The extent of the controversy of Warren’s statement can be considered from the fact that her campaign had to issue a statement to safeguard the number of supporters and so that the issue does not come back to haunt her.

The Ohio debate also witnessed former Vice President Joe Biden struggling with not a strong stance over the issues unlike the previous debates, but better answers about his age, health, and son Hunter Biden. Also, Biden’s statement “I got you votes” to Warren seemed a bit-low move for one of the top Democratic candidates like him.

On the other hand, Democratic hopefuls Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had to undergo a heart procedure due to artery blockage, made quite a mark during the debate, emerging victorious.

Buttigieg delivered his best performance during the Ohio debate in comparison to all the previous debates. He made a mark by not only attacking front-runner Elizabeth Warren on Medicare for All policy but also used his experience in military service and stance on gun control to establish himself as one of the possible top candidates.

It seems Warren needs to be more prepared and careful in future debates and appearances, if she wants to continue on the road to become the first female president of the US and bring a change in the country.

With top Democratic hopefuls Warren and Biden not being able to maintain their performance in the fourth Democratic debate, it is yet to be seen how this will affect them during the polls.

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